PlayStation Store Update - December 13th Edition

Demos, trailers, and more today in the PlayStation Store update. Here's what you can now download on your PS3 in North America:

* Burnout Paradise Demo
* High Velocity Bowling Amber bowler ($0.99)
* High Velocity Bowling Mike bowler ($0.99)
* NFS Ultimate Bundle ($9.99)
* NFS Muscle Car Bundle ($4.99)
* NFS Sports Car Bundle ($4.99)
* NFS Tuner Car Bundle ($4.99)
* NFS Lamborghini Murcielago ($2.49)
* NFS Nissan GT-R (R35) ($2.99)
* NFS Pagini Zonda F ($2.99)
* Rock Band Punk Pack 1 ($5.49 for pack, $1.99 per track)
* GT Awards at SEMA Video
* Ratchet BTS - Art
* THPG - Tony's Skater Story Video
* Burnout "Stunt Run" Trailer
* Untraceable Trailer
* Cloverfield Trailer

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Polluted3785d ago

Downloading Burnout right now. I hope it's new Cloverfield trailer and not just the one they played before Beowulf.

The 3rd Place3785d ago

PSN Europe. Burnout and Conan demos.

This is Waiting!

Polluted3785d ago

@The 3d Place: Do you just troll the site looking for excuses to talk sh*t about Sony? You've posted that "This is Waiting" crap on like 5 stories today. You accused Sony of racism earlier. Why are you even reading about the latest PSN update if you hate Sony so much? Do you think people who own PS3's instead of 360's give a sh*t what gets posted on Live? Nope, sure don't. I'm not about to start trolling the 360 news section looking for opportunities call MS out for anti-trust violations, faulty hardware, overpriced content on Live, the cost of the Live service itself or any of the other crap MS has been pulling lately. At least not until I get a 360. Why can't you pay PS3 owners the same respect? In other words, piss off.

Welcome to my ignore list. You're the only one on there. Even The Mart and Zhuk are good for laughs sometimes.

rofldings3785d ago

Anyone notice you can use your PSeye to take a pic of yourself for your driver's license? :)

xplosneer3785d ago

Can you do that in the demo? Cause I didn't figure it out, but I did notice that.

rofldings3785d ago

Yeah, it also works for when you're playing online with someone and you get taken down, takes a shot of your face reaction.

shrimpboat3785d ago

yeah the PS Eye Mugshot is a cool feature.

NEO_X3784d ago

p.s. ps3 fan who likes 1-18-08/cloverfield and metapocalypse.
bubble to you and im going to track ya.

NEO_X3784d ago

3rd place is one of two on my ignore list zhuk and themart are freaking hillarious i laugh at them all the time.
trolling is funny in there case just stupid in his

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solidt123785d ago

Yeah theres alot of options as far as add ons. Both systems has alot but it looks like Sony may be leading the pack with add ons.

SIX3785d ago

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work.

shrimpboat3785d ago

Me too but when I get off Im right back on Burn Out then Unreal Tournament III

paracardium3785d ago

Nice update for that game but I was hoping for more Folklore content.

Bleucrunch3785d ago

I loooooooooove folklore too man I am right their with you on that one.

shrimpboat3785d ago

Folklore is a great Action RPG. I love this game also.

gamesblow3785d ago

High Velocity bowling is such a blast! It's an amazing game I'm going to buy every piece of DL content for it that comes my way. It's so awesome!

the worst3785d ago

i hope they add a patch
for some online action

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