The Strangest PS3 Play Style on Earth

Kotaku - Yesterday, Kotaku posted this still image of an inventive way to hold the PS3 controller and play mecha game Armored Core.

I'd never seen anything like it. It was assumed that this was a gag. That's exactly what Japanese forum users said when the photo first surfaced: is this a joke?

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THC CELL2191d ago

This guys been playing.too much.vita

Hellsvacancy2191d ago

This is s dumb, its just a guy pushin buttons, does it actually show him playin a game? no

bwazy2191d ago

Yeah. I mean, I could say I play with my wang, but it doesn't mean **** all.

Kevin ButIer2191d ago

LAMe... Come on kotaku...

guitarded772191d ago

I used to play the original NES like that kinda... fingers over the top and controller backward. I was faster with my fingers than with my thumbs. I don't think I could do it with a modern controller though... too many buttons.

KaBaW2191d ago

We ALL know that you, sir, do indeed play with your wang..
I mean, c'mon .. honestly, who else in this world would?!

Just playing(:

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cannon88002191d ago

I found the clicking sound of the buttons to be pretty relaxing. I ended up zoning off and only listening to the buttons. Damn you buttons!

davidmccue2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Thats how i play my Playstation after a few beers, nothin new there.

milohighclub2191d ago

Now if that was how we was taught to play from the start, it could of had a screen on the back/front wii u style...

kneon2191d ago

I just picked up a DS3 and held it this way and it really could work well once you get used to it. Rather than having 2 fingers per hand you can make use of 3 fingers per hand. You can use the buttons and dpad without taking any fingers off the sticks.

stevenhiggster2191d ago

When you put it like that it totally makes sense!
But no, I probably won't be adopting that style.

Blaine2191d ago

Even without trying I can imagine it's hard to access both triggers effectively without hitting the other one this way.

Also, must be very difficult to properly move the sticks.

But hey, I haven't tried it. Tell me I'm wrong. I always thought controllers could have more buttons on the underside, but this is doing it wrong!

kneon2191d ago

I won't be trying it either, the learning curve is going to be too steep and it probably wouldn't help for most games even if I did manage to relearn to use the controller this way.

KaBaW2191d ago

My thoughts, exactly. It'd be a pain to use the analogs, I'd say.
Everything would be in reverse; I can't even get used to inverted controls!

.. and that's using the control in the correct way! D:

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Ramses32191d ago

Lol I kinda wanna try this now.

BattleTorn2191d ago

That's how I've been using it the entire time..... /sarcasm

BitbyDeath2191d ago

Wait, people use the controller with their hands?

Oldman1002191d ago

So that's why the triggers are convex. :p

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The story is too old to be commented.
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