10 Best Drinking Video Games

Games Radar writes, "Everyone hates a dull holiday party. So, after a very scientific survey involving people raising their hands as we shouted out questions, we've determined that there are two main causes for sucky year-end get togethers. The first is relatives and friends who don't play video games. The second is sobriety."

"Thus, we here at GamesRadar have set out to eradicate these two poopers of the holiday party. Thanks to some surprisingly enthusiastic lab testing, we've come up with this list of video games - and corresponding drinking games - to help liven things up. These aren't necessarily the 10 best games ever - they're just our surest picks to have your party rocking, your console working overtime, and the largest selection of your guests barfing in your neighbor's petunia patch."

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EZCheez3634d ago

That Rock Band is not only an awesome game, but it is absolutely incredible when you're drinking. You get REALLY into it.

And High Velocity Bowling should be on there too. We have a hell of a time with that one. Pain's fun too but not as much as either of these two.

Super Monkey Ball? I love the game but if I try to play that game drunk I would probably end up punching somebody.


LOL, we use to put in Scarface & drink everytime Pachino cusses - you wont make it through the movie...

solar3634d ago

gh3 and wii sports are very fun while drinking.

my personal fav while throwing some back is bf2142. get a good squad of clan buddies, get into a server, get out the c4 and the dune buggies, instant fun. :D

TheMART3634d ago

FNR3 is a good one also

DarkSniper3633d ago

Probably because the liquor will slow your thought process down to match the slow frame rate of the 360 version.


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The story is too old to be commented.