What Price for Getting PS Vita First?

Although I dearly wanted to convince myself that this bundle was good value, I had to admit it was just an excuse to get the PS Vita early...

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Bibmiester2153d ago

Good point, I'm stuck between getting the PS Vita first bundle or just waiting to get a wifi version considering I do most of my gaming at home and if I do go out I tend to be in a wifi area.. So I'm unsure on what to do

MmaFan-Qc2153d ago

im in canada so the 3G version of the vita isnt included in the bundle(its 299$), btw, at first i had doubt about the build quality of the carrying case included in the bundle, but look like i dont have to worry about it since it look pretty good and look like it will do the job as seen in this pics:

btw my local ebgames is able the get the screen protector on feb15, wich is nice since protecting the ridiculously glossy and awesome screen is the first thing i want to do before having dust or a finger print on it.

the included game Little Deviants will be a snack(will rush it and complete it fast) then i will quickly trade it toward a better vita/ps3 game while it worth it(like trading it for 25$ in credit ..when the game itself worth 29$)

and the 4gb card........uh, let just say that ive already paid/preordered a 16gb card as main memory card and the 4gb one will simply be used know, put medias the girlfriend and familly dont really need to see. n_n


Magnus2153d ago

Thing about the 3G model is nobody knows who the major carrier will be in Canada probably Roger since they sell Sony phones. Telus has picked up Sony phones now but I doubt they will carry the plan for the console. Personally I am going with the WiFi version of the console.

JoeReno2153d ago

I'm getting the first edition bundle. Exclusive case, which is quite good, a game, memory card, and to get my filthy paws on Vita a week early is the biggest selling point for the 1st edition bundle. I had the wifi version preordered, and then switched. I can't wait til 2/15. The 3G is much of an issue and you are not locked into a contract. That was my main concern with the 3G.

Hx3KinG2153d ago

yeah but the 3G plans are stupid! I'm not sure if thats how US network providers issue data plans, but if you only have 30 days to use your data before renewing again then thats just a waste of money!

claterz2153d ago

How much will the data actually be in the UK for the 3G version? I've heard Vodafone are the ones offering the 3G plans but I haven't heard anything about the price. Vodafone 3g data plans for iPad are around £15 for 5GB per month so I guess it will be similar with the vita?

moparful992152d ago

There's far to many bonuses with the first edition bundle here in the states to let something as trivial as the 3g nonesense to sway you from getting it.. I mean count the value. Exclusive case $20, Copy of little deviants $30, 4 gig memory card $20, Getting you vita 1 week early... PRICELESS!

I would like to see them change the pricing structure for the 3g plans 250mb $10, 1gb $15, 2gb $20... This seems like a much better pricing structure..

Most vita users wont use nearly as much data as cell phone users since we wont be texting and making phone calls so it doesn't make sense to charge cell phone prices.. I would pay $20 for 2gb...

Bibmiester2151d ago

Yea I'm just going to stick with the first edition bundle I just don't care too much for little deviants, I really want Uncharted and Ninja gaiden and I'm good to go. Soo the case would come in handy for the 3 games I would have on launch day, eh why not !!

moparful992151d ago

I'm actually excited for little deviants.. Just because its unique like escape plan.. Sony loves to create new IP's and I'm more then happy to take a chance on them.. THats how I discovered God of War, Infamous, Uncharted, Ratchet and clank etc..

eferreira2153d ago

I got the first edition bundle because im getting uncharted free with it

solidt122153d ago

I convinced my self to just get the $249 version also, I need at least a 8 gig card so the 4 gig bundled one would of been a waste and I am getting Uncharted game. I plan on downloading little deviant and I have a ton of games I bought on the psp I will need to download on the Vita. I might as well get the 16 gig card then.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2152d ago

I was strongly considering not getting the 3g vita.... but now I think I am. I'm gonna be using skype on it alot so it might come in handy.

nevin12152d ago

" I'm gonna be using skype on it alot so it might come in handy. "

Now you have a phone.