EIDOS/Square Enix could be coming to Good Old Games this Thursday; hints for Deus Ex and Thief

DSOGaming writes: "Good Old Games has announced that a new publisher will be coming to it. Although it is not yet officially revealed who this new publisher will actually be, GoG has provided us with some hints about it. According to its announcement, two game characters from that publisher are now a standard in their genres and will grace their catalog on this Thursday. And from what we have gathered so far, it seems that the new publisher could very well be EIDOS / Square Enix."

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PiccoloGR2314d ago

Deus Ex and Thief? Hell yeah, bring it on!

NYC_Gamer2314d ago

one of my fav digital services besides steam

john22314d ago

yeap, same here. Can't wait for the announcement :D