G4 Presents: The Thompson Report

As you probably know, the Mitchell Report will be released today. The report details, names and subsequently shames professional baseball players who have used performance-enhancing drugs.

Coincidentally, G4 is releasing The Thompson Report today, an exhaustively researched and completely not-imaginary compilation of the illegal substance abused by video game characters.

The report's revelations are shocking; many of your most cherished digital childhood heroes from the last 25 years of gaming will be forever tarnished at the revelations contained herein, so make sure you're prepared before you continue reading.

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Dark_Overlord3813d ago

The Kratos drug test had me laughing, apart from that the others weren't as good

purin3813d ago

to see all Street Fighter characters were clean
Vega (known as M. Bison in America) had "pshycho power" after all