ModNation Racers PS Vita: Online MP A 'Rehashed Feature' - Dev

NowGamer: SCE San Diego Studio offers up controversial reason for pulling online multiplayer from handheld kart racer.

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sinncross1826d ago

... wow... seriously?

Dont be stupid... delay the game and add online mP (with cross platform PS3)

Misterhbk1826d ago

Yeah this is a terrible attempt to spin this disaster they've put themselves in. I mean seriously, the PSP version of the game had online multplayer!

Would a GT game be released without multiplayer today?

Obviously WipeOut won't be released without multiplayer.

Releasing a racing game of Any kind without multiplayer is the same as releasing a FPS without multiplayer in today's market. It just isn't gonna sell. I want to buy this game and I want to like this game but without online multiplayer I just don't see that happening.

fear881826d ago

Truth be told online is a feature that makes racing games last. Could you imagine in todays market if a racing game did not come with multiplayer and only shipped with single player? That would have almost no replay value and thats what racers depend on to carry their sales.

tehpees31826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Mario Kart 7 has online and that was rushed. Don't see any reason this couldn't. Disappointed Sony :/

Fishy Fingers1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Sounds like BS PR to me. Even if, as developers you dont fancy "rehashing features", if your potential customers want it, your job is to provide.

And to even suggest that it's all about originality and wanting to improve without repeating, when your game is what, a cart racer, that formulas never been rehased huh...

Weak excuses.

Bach1826d ago

Yeah, I was making this a day 1 purchase. But the fact that there is no online multiplayer caused me to cut MNR off my day 1 list.

Feckles1826d ago

Pah. Stupid developers, WipEout 2048 multiplayer is awesome on Vita. Really missed a trick here.

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The story is too old to be commented.