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Submitted by skyward 1473d ago | news

ModNation Racers PS Vita: Online MP A 'Rehashed Feature' - Dev

NowGamer: SCE San Diego Studio offers up controversial reason for pulling online multiplayer from handheld kart racer. (ModNation Racers: Road Trip, PS Vita, SCEA San Diego Studios)

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sinncross  +   1473d ago
... wow... seriously?

Dont be stupid... delay the game and add online mP (with cross platform PS3)
Misterhbk  +   1473d ago
Yeah this is a terrible attempt to spin this disaster they've put themselves in. I mean seriously, the PSP version of the game had online multplayer!

Would a GT game be released without multiplayer today?

Obviously WipeOut won't be released without multiplayer.

Releasing a racing game of Any kind without multiplayer is the same as releasing a FPS without multiplayer in today's market. It just isn't gonna sell. I want to buy this game and I want to like this game but without online multiplayer I just don't see that happening.
fear88  +   1473d ago
Truth be told online is a feature that makes racing games last. Could you imagine in todays market if a racing game did not come with multiplayer and only shipped with single player? That would have almost no replay value and thats what racers depend on to carry their sales.
tehpees3  +   1473d ago
Mario Kart 7 has online and that was rushed. Don't see any reason this couldn't. Disappointed Sony :/
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Fishy Fingers  +   1473d ago
Sounds like BS PR to me. Even if, as developers you dont fancy "rehashing features", if your potential customers want it, your job is to provide.

And to even suggest that it's all about originality and wanting to improve without repeating, when your game is what, a cart racer, that formulas never been rehased huh...

Weak excuses.
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Bach  +   1473d ago
Yeah, I was making this a day 1 purchase. But the fact that there is no online multiplayer caused me to cut MNR off my day 1 list.
Disccordia  +   1473d ago
Me too
Feckles  +   1473d ago
Pah. Stupid developers, WipEout 2048 multiplayer is awesome on Vita. Really missed a trick here.
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Neo Nugget  +   1473d ago
Can you imagine if Mario Kart 7 released without online play?
despair  +   1473d ago
don't really have to imagine, nearly every Mario Kart game has had no online, so I don't really see how its a good comparison.
STK026  +   1473d ago
Well, Mario Kart on DS had online, so did the one on the Wii and I believe the same applies to the one on the 3DS. The only Mario Kart that did not have online (as fas as I remember) but could have had online was the one on the Gamecube.
enkeixpress  +   1473d ago
ModNation Racers is all about creating & sharing your own tracks.. & then taking 'em into online MP. Shouldn't be any different with this Vita version.

Bottom line.. They need to delay the game & add online multiplayer.. or at least add it in via a future patch.

I can see alot of die-hard fans of ModNation Racers as well as newcomers to the series picking this up, realizing there's no online MP & then trading it in for something else.
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Godmars290  +   1473d ago
This is rumble on the PS3 all over again...
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TooTall19  +   1473d ago
This was my most wanted game for the Vita, but I won't support this idiotic decision to not have online mp. This is one of the few games I will buy used cause I'm so upset with the developers.
SoundGamer  +   1473d ago
This is the reason I actually cancelled my preorder for this game. No online? #Fail.
GraveLord  +   1473d ago
Even Mario Kart has online multiplayer on 3DS.
Wow you guys have no excuse to not include it in this game.
Ivan Drago IV  +   1473d ago
WOW. While this is bad, this isnt nearly as bad as that Vita game Unit 13 having no multiplayer. really, I mean REALLY? Zipper interactive makes a third person shooter with no online multiplayer whatsoever. Thats like Ferrari making a mini van, thats like a mcdonalds opening up and finding out they ONLY sell veggie burgers, thats like Michael Bay making a romantic comedy starrting Channing Tatum and Justin Timberlake. It should be a gaming law. I mean zipper making a 3rd person shooter with no multiplayer is just shocking and a epic fail is a understatement
despair  +   1473d ago
except of course you ignore the entire concept of Unit 13 and how its set up for gameplay, as well as the co-op function of the game as well. It has online just not like your traditional shooter. Same with Modnation, it has everything for online just no competitive racing. I don't like it either but its getting blown way out of proportion.
Drekken  +   1473d ago
It goes online, but you just can't play with anyone... This sounds horrible.
despair  +   1473d ago
well all it misses is actual competitive racing, it has ghosts, time trial, mods, karts, tracks etc. It does have ad-hoc 4 player racing but still.. I agree its a bit bad but I never really needed the online racing or would use it much anyways so I'm ok with that.
oneangle  +   1473d ago
Why not improve upon online multi-player instead? I can see online multi-player not being a general improvement forward, but it sure as hell a big step back without one.
MasterCornholio  +   1473d ago
They call multiplayer a rehashed feature? Wow these guys are stupid and they are really shooting themselves in the foot for saying this. Well I was more interested in Wipeout anyways and that game has a ton of great multiplayer features and cross platform play.

Seriously these devs should just admit that they are too lazy to include multiplayer in this game and be done with it.

despair  +   1473d ago
I don't agree with him at all, he says its "rehashed" and for pick up play they choose to do it like this but people want to pick up and race against others online just as quickly as we would a ghost or hot lap etc. Its a bad excuse for not putting something people clearly expected but its not a deal breaker for me and its certainly not as bad as people are calling it, no buy because of that really?
claterz  +   1473d ago
That's a weird thing for them to say as Modnation Racers (PS3) was all about the online play. They are still going on about how you can share karts, tracks and mods but what's the point if you can't show off with them online!

Will be getting Rayman Origins on day 1 instead of this. I'll wait for a price drop with this one, which shouldn't take too long
Studio-YaMi  +   1473d ago
Ok,then it's your lost
I'm not buying your game even though I loved this franchise..
remanutd55  +   1473d ago
why dont you guys join the conversation on the blog instead? i mean i've tried and i did my best , i put him on the spot and gave him good reasons why psp online never really took off , listen i know some of you just talk crap but the ones that are really interested in the game should try to join the conversation on the blog and let him/ them know they making a mistake.

i mean its a feature that should be there from the get go but sadly it wont be so if we ( the fans ) unite and let them know thats what we want we might get what we ask for , remember trophies ? video store ? and other stuff
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disturbing_flame  +   1473d ago
This is just shame, why trying to justify this stupid game design.

This is a fail, they just killed their game, grats guys.

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