European PlayStation Vita Launch Trailer Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has today revealed the official launch trailer for the forthcoming PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) console. Set to arrive throughout PAL territories in less than a month, the PS Vita console is the eagerly anticipated successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) system.

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sinncross2491d ago

I dont think this is the trailer but I assume it follows a similar pattern

Sorry, I cant view the one on the site either :/

AscendantX2491d ago

Thanks, +1 bubble for you.

Fullmetalevolust2491d ago

What is Sony doing to promote the Vita in the US?
I don't watch a lot of tv, but have they started advertising?
I know they tend to be minimalist in that department, but you are launching a brand new product and the average consumer is probably not aware yet. There are kids out there who'll force their parents to buy one, Nintendo isn't shy to exploit that market. Kids want what other kids have, and some grown ups do as well.

Marcus Fenix2491d ago

I agree, although marketing isn't everything to a console's success it shouldn't be ignored, like u I don't really watch TV and I was surprised when I asked my gamer friends if they're getting VITAs, nearly all of them asked me "what's a VITA?" and they play hardcore games like BF3 and such, but they aren't the ones that read gaming news or watch E3, so there's alot of gamers out there who don't even know about the device's existance and it's launching in less than a month, it's the perfect time 2 launch a huge marketing campaign, not sure if they have already since I don't watch TV.

JakemanPS319942491d ago

I think i herd that they are going to do a super bowl commercial. I dont have a source but it just makes sence considering they had a commercial last year for xperia play

Ddouble2491d ago

All I've heard of is some Taco Bell promotion similar to the Uncharted 3 Subway promotion.