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Singstar has been a revolution for Sony, there is no doubt that it is one of the many games that has made the Playstation 2 so successful, but can it do the same for the Playstation 3 and what if anything does this next generation version bring to the table?

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SIX3847d ago

Does anyone know if there is voice cancelation on the PS3 version of singstar?

SIX3847d ago

I did a bit of digging and found this. For the few that wanted to know.


On the original SingStar in Europe, you could turn off the artist vocals. Why did you remove that feature and will it be returning on PlayStation 3?

"For our first ever SingStar on PlayStation 2, we asked the music publishers to provide songs in two parts - the instrumental part and the acapella (just the artist's vocals). This enabled the player to choose between the full version of the song and the instrumental version. However, toward the end of development on SingStar, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find these separate master recordings. We were having to turn down tracks that we really wanted just because they didn't have the two parts.

"So for the second release on PS2, SingStar Party, we had to take the tough decision to drop the feature and just have single track masters. We did keep searching for another solution to the problem. For SingStar on PS3, we've found a pretty good technological solution which can reduce the artist vocals for the majority of songs. You can also choose to fade down the artist vocals while you're singing. Once the game has detected that you've been singing for a short while, the artist vocal will fade out and will return if you stop singing. Hearing the vocal gives you the confidence to sing initially, and is a guide if you're struggling. There are some songs which don't work with the technology because of the way the song was mixed in the recording studio, but overall, it's really good."

lynx1halo3847d ago

a very great score of 9.4........GO PS3 GO.....

Dmack793847d ago

I must admit that I'm impressed as well as a little shocked. I will probably buy this game for my family. It's a great party game. I expect this game to be a system seller once it's released in Japan and maybe Europe.

SIX3847d ago

bought a PS3 just for this game. This game is a killer app in Europe.

titntin3847d ago

My wife has orered this already....
I forsee drunken kareoke nights ahead!!!:)

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The story is too old to be commented.