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Submitted by BIoodmask 2978d ago | article

Top 10 Video Games That Nobody Played in 2007 writes, "Sure everyone loves to read about the best games of year, but just how many times can you read about Super Mario Galaxy and Mass Effect? I'm here to tell you about ten excellent games that somehow fell through the cracks in 2007, all of which well deserve your time and attention. So after you've gotten your fill of Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3, give one of these gems a try. You won't be disappointed." (Culture, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)
Tipsed by: stonesnake

Charlie2688  +   2978d ago
OF those game I am currently playing The Darkness which so far its been VERY cool :D
chester  +   2978d ago
i loved the darkness, mainly for the story and like the article said, the idea that you could sit and watch a movie. the first time that you are in that apartment with jenny, i was constantly on edge thinking that something was going to jump through the door or that bullets would start coming through the window. after about 5 minutes i realized that you could just sit there and watch the tv and not have to be on your toes the whole time.

and the part with uncle paulie and jenny was easily one of the hardest things emotionally you can experience in a video game this year.
Nipplestiltskin  +   2978d ago
I agree, the game is not perfect, but it does a lot of things very differently, and more than a bit occult creepy. Nothing wrong with a game that thinks out of the box, despite it's flaws.
Boink  +   2978d ago
most of those games I have no interest in.

the darkness I couldn't stand, it had great potential, but the graphics were last gen, and the aming system with weapons was terrible.
SIX  +   2978d ago
I thought I was the only one that felt that way.
Nipplestiltskin  +   2978d ago
To say the game's graphics are last gen is just an complete hater lie, as anybody that's played ANYTHING on Xbox or PS2 would agree this is a step above without question. If you didnt enjoy the game fine, just don't spew lies 'cause yer a hater, or you own a old CRT and can't tell the difference.
omfg_111  +   2978d ago
yeah sure ... the darkness has
"last gen graphics" ... said someone with a halo3 avatar ...
OpiZA  +   2978d ago
Yes fantastic game :D
stonesnake  +   2978d ago
That is the point of this list, these are games which might not appeal to everyone but they are still good games.
OOG FunK  +   2978d ago
Ya know what the darkness is the one game I think I really truly hated this year......I beat it and everything but it drove me litterally nuts....isnt wasnt as much the game as it was the main character.....

HE SOUNDED LIKE DAMN STEVEN SEGAL AND LOOKED LIKE THE CROW>>>>>>&g t;IT WOULD BE STEPHEN SEGAL AS THE CROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! droveeee me nuts his voice never had emotion or anything always was the same flat voice oooooo the agony it drove me frickn retarded!!! I hate it! lol
Polluted  +   2978d ago
Cool games, but I thought The Darkness controlled really a bad way. It made for some cool looking action scenes, but ultimately frustrated the hell out of me. Jacky just didn't seem to do what I wanted him to do. BTW, it's not because I suck, I never have that problem with other shooters.
KingKirchner  +   2978d ago
Hmm... I might go check out Rouge Galaxy and Odin Sphere (especially Rouge Galaxy, I love Level-5). I hadn't even heard of those games, but they seem awesome (I love RPG's) I guess the PS2 really is still swimming.
The 3rd Place  +   2978d ago
Maybe if the racist japanese at Sony and Nintendo realised we live in a global economy and actually released those games in Europe. More people would have bought them.
Nipplestiltskin  +   2978d ago
Yet another hater claiming the Japanese are racists. I think it's very obvious WHOSE the racist by your comment. They don't have an obligation to release ANY game to the US, no matter what YOUR feelings are. It's a business, and their decisions are related to BUSINESS decisions. IE- ones that make them money, not how much they can tick off small-minded Americans.
Polluted  +   2978d ago
That a pretty serious allegation you're making there. Calling Sony Racist? Europe is one of Sony's big markets and I'm sure they'd love to get games out at the same time in the European market, but the fact is there are a ton of different languages spoken throughout Europe and localization can take time. Get over it.
Here in Canada it has been suggested that we occasionally get games later because of French language laws. Rock Band for instance. Is that the fault of games companies? Are they biased against Canadians? No, they're just so busy getting their games ready for release that they don't necessarily have time to hire some French guy to translate the packaging and manuals for them and then get a graphic designer to fit all the additional text in as well. Do we cry about it? No. That's part of the cost of preserving our heritage.
And who exactly are Sony supposed to be racist against? Europe is the most culturally diverse continent in the world. It's full of black people, white people, brown people, French people, Germans, you name it, Europe has it. Sony is not racist against Europeans and you should really watch the kind of accusations you're throwing around here.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   2978d ago
I only have interest in two of those games and I played those.

Darkness was good, but only a one playthough for me, put me off somehow, too creapy or something, idunno.

Overlord was great, played it twice and will play it again.

I do have Orange box but got bored with HL2 so have never played portal. Will get around to playing it sometime I guess.
BloodySinner  +   2978d ago
I own The Darkness and The Orange Box (Portal) for the Xbox 360.
FirstknighT  +   2978d ago
Hmmm, the most underated game in 2007 I think should go to Shadowrun.
timmyp53  +   2978d ago
The Darkness
was a sweet game I heard rumors of a sequal. I can't wait for it. The story was great.
Tarmgar  +   2978d ago
Out of all those, I play Rogue Galaxy. Rogue Galaxy is AWESOME and I played the hell out of it. It's cool. You all must buy and play it NOW!
MK_Red  +   2978d ago
1.The worse thing is how a game, called CRUSH for PSP is even over looking in no one played lists :(

2.I feel pretty ashamed because I know Rogue Galaxy, Jean D'Arc and Odin Sphere are so great and yet I didn't play them. I'm pretty sure more than few people played Portal. The really lost gems are Zack & Wiki, Overlord and The Darkness, all of which are incredible games that most people didn't give them a chance :(
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mariusmal  +   2978d ago
i bought overlord on day one... and i gotta say. it's worth every penny
Covenant  +   2978d ago
Overlord is an underrated gem; the concept of playing as the bad guy isn't new, but this game lets you be truly demented. It's like something Tolkien would write during a two-week coke, smack, and Guinness bender. :)

The Darkness was pretty solid, though the graphics were a little shaky, But any game that lets you use a virtual black hole to suck in and kill your enemies gets a vote from me. (Anyone remember the "World's Smallest Black Hole" weapon from Armed and Dangerous? Hysterical!)

And as for unappreciated games from 2007...look at how fast Ratchet has dropped down the charts. Sad.
ygxbrayzie  +   2978d ago
i want Odin Sphere
desolationstorm  +   2978d ago
Buy Zack and Wiki
I own portal, Zack and wiki, Darkness and orcs and elves.

Portal hwo could you not play through that game its so much fun in the same way as zack and wiki but kinda have to be a gamer to play it.

Zack and wiki man FXCK wii owners who dont buy this game. You make me sick this game and awesome and has been onsale this week for $30 at Circuit City. BUY the game BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. Im not even that far in but the game just has me hooked like portal did. The puzzles are fun and enjoyable and they compell you to play and beat them like portal. Also easy to pick up(like portal) play a level and put down because they arent that long. I know ign has been on a campaign to get poeple to buy this game, but so have I. Im buying it for friends because I cant imagine someone really not liking the game.

Darkness well to be honest I havent played it I bought it from a friend after he beat it. Two fo my friends said it was good but mainly because there was nothing else duing that time. So I havent picked it up because Bioshock, Halo3, HL2 and CoD4. so maybe later.

Orcs and elves well I tried it out kinda neat Ill devote some time to it, just doesnt seem anything that special.

Been meaning to try overlord also.
mintaro  +   2978d ago
i agree overlord was a really solid game, sure its play the bad guy motif isnt all that fresh but it has that something that makes it enjoyable

hmm not sure what it is......
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Relientk77  +   2978d ago
I wanted to buy Odin Sphere but havnt yet :-/

I love the darkness and im glad it made the list

but what even made me more happy was

ROGUE GALAXY (PS2) ... That RPG is amazing and kicks sooo much ass.. I was one definitely playing it alot!!!
KidMakeshift  +   2978d ago
I played and beaten all those game's except the the two ds games.

What happened to the Overlord expansion packs that were suppose to come out last month?
KidMakeshift  +   2978d ago
I can't believe they didn't mention any of the foreign ports that no one played

Bullet Witch
Two Worlds
Project Sylpheed
Vampire Rain
Dynasty Warriors Gundam
Earth Defense Force 2017
Polluted  +   2978d ago
Wow. I've never personally played any of those, so I can't speak from personal experience, but I heard most of them really really bad. Word is Two Worlds and Project Sylpheed were cool, though.
KidMakeshift  +   2978d ago
Earth Defense Force is awesome. Bullet Witch isn't that bad, but nothing special. Two Worlds just wasn't meant to be on console. Project Sylpheed could be awesome if you weren't shooting text for the most part.
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Green-Hag  +   2978d ago
I disagree with Jeanne D’Arc.
ROCCOZILLA  +   2978d ago
the darkness was a great game .good story loved the powers of evil to.i hope they have a part 2.PLAY B3YOND
Rhezin  +   2978d ago
Everybody bought the Darkness cuz there was nothing to play during that entire month!
Robotz Rule  +   2978d ago
The Darkness
Great game it was:)

I bought it when it first came out for PS3 and it was sweet,how much is it now,like $30 dollars or so?

I suggest you all play this great game on PS3 or Xbox 360.
TruthbeTold  +   2978d ago
It's amazing yet fortunate...
that there will be a Zack and Wiki 2, considering how few of the first one are being bought. But I would imagine that the game was extremely inexpensive to develop. If you own a Wii and don't own Zack and Wiki: Search for Barbaros' Treasure, you are missing out. Seriously.

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