Gaming Target Gives 9.1/10 to Contra 4

When Konami chose a name for the first Contra game on the DS, it was mighty ballsy of them to pick Contra 4. Setting up the first Contra title for the DS as a direct sequel to the game that 99% of the population believes to be the high watermark for the series is a tall order. Especially when the development of Contra 4 fell to WayForward Technologies, a hit-and-miss portable developer who unleashed the unplayable Ping Pals on the world. But fans have nothing to fear as WayForward has produced a bona fide hit and a new platform shooter for the ages.

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Polluted3652d ago

I wish I had a DS for this game. Contra: Hard Corps on the Genesis was my favorite. Like I say every time I see a Contra story; where's my frikkin' Gunstar Heroes sequel?

BIoodmask3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I bought a DS just so I could play this game and Phantom Hourglass. Contra Hard Corps on Genesis was awesome. But my personal favorite was Contra 3: Alien Wars on SNES. Some of the 3D boss effects in the boss battles on Alien Wars were fantastic.

The Super Contra arcade game was also really good.

There was a sequel to Gunstar Heroes called Gunstar Super Heros that was released for Gameboy Advance so you could still play it on DS. It is a legit sequel and not a port.

Check this out.....