Ni No Kuni OPM UK Review

The game is a must have. Every RPG lover, including newcomers, should give this game a chance it so rightfully deserves!

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DaThreats2251d ago

Like the Good Old Days

Nitrowolf22251d ago

This is a day one buy for me. Playstation use to be pumped with JRPG and we need a lot more now. Good to see this and hopefully we get more.

-Alpha2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )


I can barely read the scan, anyone have a bigger image?

NewMonday2250d ago

great time for JRPGs, Tales of Graces also releasing soon. Also Devil Survivor2.

Last Story sometime this year, and Xenoblade for the gamers in NA

Ranma12251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Excellent. A good jrpg at least.

I wish FF was getting scores like that these days (FF13-2 got 8/10 from opm).

Need more games like kini no kuni, persona and valkyria chronicles

Studio-YaMi2251d ago

8 is nowhere a bad score....

I didn't like Final Fantasy 13 too,but haven't tried 13-2 yet,it might actually be good ?

Just saying 8/10 is NOT a bad score !
a game doesn't have to be 9 or 10 for you to enjoy it,I enjoy games that are far down from that (5 or 6 !).

Blaine2251d ago

For a Final Fantasy game, 8/10 is abysmal.

VsAssassin2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Some excerpts:

+The magazine gave the game a total score of 9.1, quoting that it's easily one of the most promising games to graze the modern JRPG world!
+Technical and artistic graphics are beautiful and rich!
+Influence ratio: 20% Layton, 40% Ghibli, 30% FF7
+A compelling story and deep, rewarding gameplay!
+Truth: Everyone should give this game a shot; it's worth it!

ReservoirDog3162251d ago

Sounds like everything we hoped it'd be. We have to support games like these or who knows when we'd get another.

Anyone have a release date for the US?

VsAssassin2250d ago

No release date set yet, but Level 5 confirmed it's a 2012 Q1 release. We can bet before April we'll get this gem!

MaxXAttaxX2250d ago

If only it had been 30% FF9 and not 7.

Naahh it's alright.

Julie2251d ago

Yaaaaaay! i want this game and i want bigger scans too! :O

GribbleGrunger2250d ago

try youtube. there are dozens of game trailers on there of this game

TheHater2251d ago

why can't I pre-order this game in North America?

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