IGN: Soulcalibur V: The Missing Fighters

With the confirmation that Soulcalibur V supports downloadable characters, a whole new realm of potential fighters becomes available. Here are the characters IGN's Soulcalibur core would love to see...

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jc485732248d ago

something dead wrong about this list.

jacksonmichael2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Um... Go on...? If you mean the movie characters, then I totally agree. Bayonetta, however... That'd be awesome.

Edit: Oh. Well, what do you expect? Most pieces from IGN are typically short and lacking.

MaxXAttaxX2247d ago

Don't know what IGN was smoking when they came up with the rest the list.

Tanir2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

well Leader of project soul said namco rushed him and they were lucky to even have a chance to make SC5.

this game still has 26 unique fighting styles plus 3 mimics.

they ran out of time so we have to wait for the missing characters sadly, but aslong as they come i don't care.

remember SC4 was supposed to be the last one and namco only let them make this one because of the demand and the tekken producer asking namco's president to let project soul make the game

besides other fighters like SF, MK, always make new characters and throw out old ones, its a normal thing in fighting games, but this time it was due to constraints

Baka-akaB2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

I dont think that's that , but i might be wrong . They didnt have to beg for a new soul calibur game at over 2-3 million units sold (and that was before sf4 "revived" the whole fighting game scene) . And scIV was not touted as the definitive end of the serie , just the end of the ongoing story arc centered around siegfried and his generation .
The SP team wanted to end the Calibur chapter and switch to a new era and name . Like they did with Edge/Blade . The upper echlon didnt want that .

Now the problem is that Tekken's Harada over namco is pretty much their "Ono" and gets most funding and staff they'd leave for fighting games ... leaving the Soul team in quite a bind . Add it time constraint from above , and you've got a team doing the best they can , and doing it beautifully so far

NovusTerminus2248d ago

Bayonetta - No, great game, but she does not fit into Soul Calibur

Kratos - He fits, but Dart would fit more from Sony
Elite - NO, this makes no sense at all. Get... Something else from MS... Like a Fable Hero or something...

Darth Maul - NO... GOD NO! No more Star Wars in my SC

Neytiri - No... First there are some... Size issues, that race way like... 12ft tall. And second... It's just a stupid idea since they had no real fighting style.

IGN, I am sorry for giving you another hit, I did not realize it was your site.

Kingdom Come2247d ago

I happen to think that Bayonetta would be perfect for a Soul Calibur title.

Baka-akaB2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

No way . For starters it's one thing to have a guy with one limited summon in the game , but her array of crap is too much to be handled fine in SC ... or only in a way that would be annoying and dissapointing to fans of Bayonetta .

Just recreate her with Zwei's style or something ..

ANd her look doesnt fit at all the serie , even if that would hardly be the first time

Baka-akaB2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Sophitia is pretty much Elysium . But yeah the rest of the old cast can easily return as a dlc skin and moveset scam .

The rest of their list is ridiculous as far as guest go , but then again it's IGN . They barely know anything about soul calibur and fighting games already .

falsegod2247d ago

These guys have been paying no attention: after all the hate towards the Star Wars guests (although I personally enjoyed using Vader), they want Project Soul to included Darth Maul and the chick from avatar?

Baka-akaB2247d ago

Well again ign pretty much is clueless about fighting games , like gspot and other big sites .

D3mons0ul2247d ago

Raiden, motherfuckers!

Raiden should be in this game.

Oh well, you can probably create an accurate version in the custom creator anyway.

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