PS Vita First Edition Bundle, Wi Fi SKU in top 10 pre-order sales

Sony Corp.’s Playstation Vita First Edition Bundle and Wi-Fi SKU ranked in the top 10 pre-order products at Best Buy Co. Inc.’s online division due to building advanced demand.

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MmaFan-Qc2070d ago

still have to wait until feb15 to get mine.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2070d ago

Isn't that the day they send college reimbursement checks?

MmaFan-Qc2070d ago

dont know, the sure thing is i get my pay check every thursday and a part of it will go toward the PSV

moparful992070d ago

It's sooo close but so far.. Cannot wait :)

tarbis2070d ago

Already, have mine =D
Waiting for the release of Gravity Rush. Can't miss that.

Game4life2070d ago

when is Gravity Rush coming? Launch window or launch?

tarbis2070d ago

It's coming out on Feb 9 in Japan. So, it should be able to come out on launch. The game don't need english vocals bec. the world of Gravity Daze have their own language and the game will be mostly in english text. Had a pleasure playing the demo and it was incredible. =D

user77927882070d ago

EU,AU,NZ gets it on launch, BUT its a download only title

Tho it is not a launch title for US :( they get it sometime after on physical media and download

user77927882070d ago

Wait i was wrong, it is a launch title in US

gtxgamer22070d ago

im trying not to anticpate it cause it will only make the days go by slower =[