Street Fighter X Tekken Could Have Had Master Chief and Marcus Fenix as Xbox-Exclusive Fighters

Like the PS3 exclusive Cole, Kuro and Toro characters in Street Fighter X Tekken? There could have been exclusive characters on the Xbox 360 too, y'know...

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bradlinho2094d ago

Good. Master Chief and Fenix are both bummers anyway.

Optical_Matrix2094d ago

I didn't realise that Cole, Toro and Kuro would be coming to the PS3 version too. Looks like I'm gonna have to cancel my pre-order for the 360 version of the game.

BigBoss19642094d ago

So then why didn't they do it then do MS not wanna see their icons getting beat up or something? lol

DeathAvengers2094d ago

MC and Marcus Fenix are like badass ambassadors.

BXbomber2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

yea cuz it would make sense for master chief to fight ryu and what is marcus fenix gonna do? chainsaw ken as a super?.......seriously if MS are/were gonna have exclusive character on the xbox version y not have characters that would make sense in putting them in a fighting game like this. YA xbox pplz need more exclusive IP no joke cuz marcus and chief ain't gonna have a place in any other genre besides shooting.

maddfoxx2094d ago

One of the DoA games had a Spartan has a playable character. The spartan-458 didnt fit into the game, but she was still a great character and had all of the moves that Master Chef had in the halo games.

v1c1ous2094d ago

and Cole, a super powered being who can summon down thunder and do high intensity electrical moves makes sense to put in a fighting game?

Dannycr2094d ago

It does, on a game with a nearly Godlike being like Akuma or even Demon Jin/Kazuya, and you can definitely consider most of Street Fighter characters Super powered or can a a normal human being throw a Hadouken or do a flaming Shoryuken?

DrFUD2094d ago

I agree.
The cats even go since Tekken has the kangaroo and the bear.

NukaCola2094d ago

Raiden from MK, or Blanka... Shocking!?

maddfoxx2094d ago

Sounds like you never played a Japanese fighting game.

Boody-Bandit2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Blanka says hello

ooops, shouldve read ahead.
Oh well, still applies.

v1c1ous2094d ago

there's a major difference between raiden/blanka, who can do localized thunder attacks VS Cole who can control a lighting blast over a wide area smartasses

Dannycr2093d ago

Do you realize the kind of argument that you are bringing over to the conversation? Do you know how many volts can Blanka or Raiden (THE FRICKING GOD OF THUNDER)use when they attack? Have you measured them?

Dude it's a frickin japanese game with gods, beasts, over-the-top characters with special killing moves, fire powers, hadoukens, psycho energy...Do you understand how invalid your argument is?

These guys are saying that Marcus and Master Chief does not belong here, because they are not that over the top, they do not have "special abilities" and they both use Guns mainly, they do not have physical attacks. It's like adding Captain Price to Super Smash Bros or something like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.