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How To Collect Games For Profit

The Department of Electronic Entertainment writes: "We’ve all heard the legends of an NES cartridge that was only made for a Nintendo promotional event, or the old Atari 2600 game that was never mass produced, and now they’re worth thousands of dollars. If you got your hands on one of those limited run games decades ago you’d be able to sell it for a fortune today. Unfortunately, most games steadily drop in resale value from the minute they hit the market. Still, there are a few that actually increase in resale price after release, and many of these have distinct factors in common. Here are a few games that have gone up in value over the years, and some tips on how to guess which games will make the best investments." *The U.S. DoEE is a humor site, not affiliated with any government agency. (Catherine, Culture, Fallout 3, Industry, Mass Effect, Phantasy Star Online, Steel Battalion, Winx Club: Mission Enchantix)

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