Is This Japan’s Favorite Western Cosplayer? Maybe

Kotaku - Whenever Japanese bulletin boards discover bad Western cosplay, forum users begin piling on the bad cosplay photos, saying foreigners just cannot cosplay. (This is incorrect.) But then, inevitably, somebody usually pulls out a Maridah photo, pointing out that some of the best cosplay ever is not Japanese.

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Pozzle2093d ago

Wow. There's no way she's 27! She has some lucky genes :O

stragomccloud2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Reason why most western cosplayers aren't very good, is because most westerners are a bit over weight compared to their Japanese counterparts.
Anyway, she's pretty good~

MaxXAttaxX2093d ago

I think they just need to know how to play the right characters for their looks.

Pozzle2093d ago

I agree. I think there are definitely chubby people that can pull off cosplay well. They just need to tailor costumes that fit and compliment their body shape. (e.g. There's a tumblr community called "Chubby cosplay" that has some great chubby cosplayers... http://chubby-cosplay.tumbl... - it just goes to show that nearly anyone can look good cosplaying, as long as their outfit compliments their figure.) I think a lot of people fall into the trap of trying to fit into clothing that is either too small or outfits that do not fit their body shape at all. Not just with cosplay, but with normal everyday clothes too.

D3mons0ul2093d ago

I'd just say Japan takes it more seriously than a good number of western cosplayers.

Lord_Sloth2093d ago

I'd tap that! We're the same age too so that's a plus. Alls I gotta do is show off my height, broad shoulders and manly scruff and she's all mine. XXXD

tplarkin72093d ago

You'll need a diamond ring and a marriage proposal if you want to do it right.

Lord_Sloth2093d ago

Good point.

*grabs gun and heads for pawnshop*