Massive '07 games we all forgot

Games Radar writes, "With around 1,208,093 AAA-quality games released this year (yes, that's an exact statistic), it's inevitable that some of them got left behind. Nobody's got the time or money to give every great game the attention it deserves. But with this unusally high number of hot titles around right now, the effect has been surprising. Games we would otherwise have been crowing about non-stop have simply been forgotten. Completely. In fact, some of them haven't been talked about in the UK GamesRadar office for months. So we looked back over the past year and picked out the big games that, in hindsight, dropped out of the collective consciousness far too quickly. And some of them are huge."

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lynx1halo3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

the articles youve been providing lately had me thinking that you were coming over to our side......Just Follow The Light!!! i agree with this list somewhat....these games are seeming to be to easily forgotten sadly

HowarthsNJ3785d ago

...and various fanboys of either color.

Everyone else has had a great time with these.

prodg523785d ago

Ratchet and Clank is a fun game. It's good to take a break from FPS's every once in a while.

green3785d ago

Played a bit of Ratchet and Clank and it was really fun.Sad to see that it didnt get more sales.
Same goes for PGR4.An excellent game squashed between the sales phenomenom that was HALO 3 and games like ORANGE BOX.It just didnt stand a chance.

xplosneer3785d ago

Average score of Uncharted and Ratchet, like 90. Average score for NFS:Pro Street like 80. Which one sold more than the other two combined? PGR4 awesome as well. So sad.

led10903785d ago

crysis?????-no way i'm never gonna forget that game its one of the best experiences i've ever had

Salvadore3785d ago

People will still be talking about the game years after.

theox2g73785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

on my 6th time now and using different strategies to play the game to change the whole experience, discovering new things in the open environment everytime and developing new styles of play, now i'm playing through without cloaking and using more speed than strength, it's really well balanced, it's highly addictive and has good replay value, i haven't even touched multiplayer yet,
this game has had a similar impact on me as doom and half life, they forced me to get hardcore again, it pushed me to make more time for games in my busy schedule and now i'm enjoying ut3 and cod4 which are also awesome games

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The story is too old to be commented.