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cloud4952313d ago

I hope that their actually HD ports not just Ps2 classics.

thedude442313d ago

i hope they are retail, one one bluray disk with trophiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! day 1!

ZombieAssassin2313d ago

Same here I really hope they're HD remasters or at the very least add some AA to them as that's all I really care about when playing older games on an HDTV.

xPhearR3dx2313d ago

The chances of that happening are the same as MGS4 getting trophies. With Sony adding some PS2 classics recently, that's exactly what this is going to be. I'd put money on it.

irepbtown2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Any news on San Andreas?

Would love to have all 3 on PS3. Some of the greatest games I have ever played. Would prefer them being on a disc as I dont have that much GBs left, but thats just me. I think highest chance will be them being on PSN store.

Need to save up for a SLIM, 320gb. But with the Vita close I doubt I'll get it any time soon. On the Vita, will these GTA titles be on that?
Because that would just be extremely EPIC.

Or like @ZombieAssassin said a bit further down,
San Andreas with GTA 5, a bit like what Medal of honor have done, or Assassins creed. Having SA downloadable for free :O
Doubt it though. But a man CAN dream.

Soldierone2313d ago

The only thing I don't understand is why would they do PS2 version releases? That's for titles that are not popular enough to warrant HD remakes and collections. GTA for sure will sell well so why not do it?

stevenhiggster2313d ago


Why don't you just buy a 320gb hdd for your current PS3? You could pick up a 320gb drive for peanuts these days.

coojo2312d ago

who cares about shitty trophies

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Hellsvacancy2313d ago

There not gonna be HD ports, its Killzone 2 all over again

Id rather they do a HD Collection, but since when do gamers get what they ACTUALLY want

TooTall192312d ago

Killzone 2? Or do you mean Killzone 1?

Brosy2312d ago

I have a feeling that once some of you play these old games, your excitement will go away. These games just haven't aged well at all. After finishing GTAIV then going to San Andreas, I could hardly play San Andreas it sucked so bad.

cb4g2312d ago

Well I'm the opposite. I've been trying to get back into GTAIV since the GTAV announcement but I just can't get past the monotony. Meanwhile, I've still got San Andreas installed on my PC and I'm loving it.

bozebo2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )


I played gta3 very recently, I have vice city, SA and GTA4 with expansions installed ready to play through.

But I've had gta4 sitting for months and it's too boring to bother a second play through, yet I can't wait to find some time (a few hundred hours!) for VC and SA.

Literally the only improvement GTA4 has over SA or VC is the graphics. It's still a good game, but doesn't even have a scratch on SA or VC.

DrunkDan2313d ago

Can't argue with that.

But knowing that they can put these games out exactly as they are and still make plenty of money, you wonder if the motivation to improve them is there.

Yes, they upped the resolution on the GTA3 ios game - but that's it.

And what with them working on GTA5, would it be worth them going to all the trouble (and would it be something they even want to do? Potentially wasting time and resources etc).

Thatguy-3102313d ago

I want san andreas too !!!!! And the kingdom hearts series !!!!

GraveLord2313d ago

If Sony Computer Entertainment is publishing them, they are PS2 classics on PSN.

If this was a retail release with trophies and remastered it would be published by Take-Two.

showtimefolks2313d ago

what about GTA:SA?

and RS please make it a bluray disk HD collection

opinska2312d ago

yeah me too, but I would lov to see San Andreas as an HD port with all the bling graphics and achievements!
That would be great!

bozebo2312d ago

GTA5 is probably going to be a lot more like SA than GTA4 was. They will probably continue to have a gritty, serious main story but all the silly extra content will probably be in there somewhere. (btw, the game has been "finished" for nearly a year)

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Ocean2313d ago

Hopefully in HD with some trophies....a little control tweak as well

im_right2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Controls are fine unlike GTA4.

Rainstorm812313d ago

GTA4 controls were fine.... some people didnt like the realisctic handling on the cars but it was welcome for this gen IMO

Animals_as_Leaders2313d ago

There was nothing realistic about GTAIV controls.

Cars are usually able to make right turns at more than 10kph without without going into the opposite lane...or spinning out.

ZombieAssassin2313d ago

The cars in GTA4 didn't really handle anything like real cars, it seemed more like an arcade style....not that I minded it but like Animals said you spin out going slow as all hell in that game with pretty much any car. I never got why they didn't just make the cars handle a little bit more like Midnight Club games.

Rainstorm812313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

In my experience with GTA4 mashing the gas caused people to spin out..if you eased into the gas or tapped it spinning out wouldnt happend when starting to drive..the same would happen if you were in a real car....but dont get me wrong it wasn't simulation quality realism but much more realistic than previous GTAs

IMO midnight club's controls were too arcadey / racer to fit into GTAs world....but i think a mix between GTA4 and MC:LA is the right mix for GTA5

Diver2313d ago

gta 4 controls were broken. they fixed them in the bogt. the cars were broken an rockstar could learn a lot from Mafia 2. i love grand vice city but the ground combat controls are broken. don't think we'll get a big graphics upgrade. I hope for it but its not likely.

im_right2313d ago

GTA4 car handling was like driving on ice.

blumatt2313d ago

I'm so excited for these two games. I hated GTA 4 controls and just the entire game.

bozebo2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

"There was nothing realistic about GTAIV controls."

This ^

How exactly can a handbrake make you accelerate :S

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Snookies122313d ago

Awesome, but where is San Andreas? If that doesn't get an HD version I'm going to be pissed. :\

AtomicGerbil2313d ago

We can only speculate that they are doing something special with San Andreas.

Rainstorm812313d ago

I agree, san Andreas needs the HD remake treatment, R* normally puts a lot of care into their games, hopefully its not just PS2 classics

RedDead2313d ago

GTA5 is set in part of SA though...might be a turn off for Rockstar

ZombieAssassin2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Or they'll include SA with GTA5...a man can dream.

EDIT: Lol just seen that LightSamus said the same thing.

LightSamus2313d ago

Perhaps San Andreas is set to be included as a freebie with GTA V? They are related after all.

Gamer19822313d ago

San Andreas will no doubt come as a free game with GTA V. Since this seems to be the in thing right now sticking a classic with a new game.

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