The Ten Best Multiplayer Shooter Maps of All Time

What are the best multiplayer shooter maps of all time? I know the question has been asked (and answered) before, but there's one or two that I think have been left out, so it's time for Padinga's own spin on a tried and true article.

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birdykilla2281d ago

google halo 2 maps there were over 20 halo 2 maps and more than 10 were just pure classic. Bungie really outdid themselves with Halo 2.

FriedGoat2281d ago

This list is rediculous, all time? More like the past 10 years. Quake 3 alone has about 20 better maps than this.

Campy da Camper2281d ago

Maybe. I would like to say thank you to the site for putting all the maps ON ONE PAGE.

Nothing irritates me more than going to a website's top 10 list and having one item per page.


LaughingFish2281d ago

I respect that point of view, although I don't agree with it. Longest Yard maybe should have been here.

bodybombs2281d ago

im surprised they didnt say lockout, i expected that to be on of the first ones. i agree with facing worlds and blood gulch. wake island was a good choice too

CarlitoBrigante2281d ago

This list is stupid. How old is the guy who made the list? 15? Why did he only included maps from the past 10 years?

Left4Dead? Gears of war? Even GTA4??!! I wonder if this guy started gaming only yesterday.

Where is the awesome map called Blood Gracht from Killzone 2? Where is Radec Academy? Where is Quake 3?

This is an xboxer list.

EmperorDalek2280d ago

Forgot about Blood Gracht, but Radec Acedemy was a spawn-kill fest. The map itself was good, but almost every round I played on it had one of the teams camping around the other base.

KOOLWIIP2281d ago

pyrrhus rise killzone 2

Hicken2281d ago

You can always tell a non-PS3 owner made a list like this when none of the maps from KZ2 make the list.

kneon2281d ago

Pretty much every map from KZ2 should be on the list.

CarlitoBrigante2281d ago

Blood Gracht and Radec Academy are better! Anyone want to play KZ2? Add me on PSN! :)

floetry1012281d ago

Just about any map on CoD4, Counter Strike and Halo could have been chosen. Maps are what make potentially great multiplayer games classics.

Kewl_Kat2281d ago

Arica Harbor from Bad Company 2!

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The story is too old to be commented.