Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator to Help Speed Content Production and Lower Development Costs

New tool streamlines development and testing process for HD DVD content, accelerates advancement of next-generation interactivity, including experiences powered by Microsoft HDi technology.

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The 720 may very well be coming in 2009. What's up JC ?!?

jcgamer3785d ago

How's it goin' bro...You think the 720 might hit in '09?


Yeah, I think it's a sure bet for 2010, but I've read several articles that it may even hit in 2009. Who knows ? I'm just ready for Gears 2 & Mass Effect 2 myself.

games4fun3785d ago

is make their next console reliable and make sure they dont shaft the 360 and people will clamor with support even tho sony has been doing it for awhile.

WilliamRLBaker3785d ago

yes sony has been making reliable systems and NEXT gives their users the shaft! *falls over laughing*

ddldave3785d ago

too bad this is going to be useless once BD kills it next year. might as well stop investing money to do this research now to save money.

Skizelli3784d ago

Too bad BD and HD-DVD will be obsolete once virtual marketplaces start to reign.

Eamon3785d ago

I think it would be released in Winter 2010

DViOUS1ONE3785d ago

i cant believe they are not giving up what a loser

Bladestar3785d ago

.... let me get this straight.. they are losers because they are not giving up?....

Remember last time they drop the Xbox in favor of the xbox 360? you Sony fanboys would not shut up about it? Well... you created a monster... you can't blame them now for being persistent.

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