The Japan Preview: 1/22/12 Edition (SW Slows Further, 3DS Leads)

Holiday seasonality is just about over now in Japan. Software dropped off quite a bit once again in lieu of that reality, and hardware should continue to decline until the next wave of big games or price cuts arrives. Nothing in the immediate future will reverse the continuing fall off from holiday highs though. Even so, 2012 is off to a much better start than 2011 in Japan.

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Christopher2097d ago

I'm amazed at the need to report on the reduction in software sales in the months following the Holiday season. It's akin to saying 'the sky is blue'.

And, no kidding the 3DS is still in the lead considering the top 3 games on the list are key titles for Japanese gamers let alone two of them are always big sellers on Nintendo's platforms.

Titanz2097d ago

No need to point it out, though.

Bundi2096d ago ShowReplies(1)
MmaFan-Qc2096d ago

reading cgoodno comment=Mind Blown!

reduction in software sales in the months following the Holiday season?


room4142097d ago

"because with PSP software slowing, Vita software still tiny, and PS3 software slowing, Sony's Japanese business model is in a bit of trouble"
upcoming ps3 releases:
upcoming psp releases:

"Nintendo is actually in the opposite position right now, on the upswing in Japan"
upcoming wii releases:
upcoming 3ds releases:

Ddouble2096d ago

Hot shots back to the top 20? Was there a deal for the Vita recently?