What Microsoft Did Right This Generation

With Microsoft recently touting its sale numbers and rumors continuing to swirl about the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called), we thought we’d take a short retrospective look at the key moments and decisions that have made the Xbox 360 a household name in this 7th generation of consoles.

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RedDead2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Xbox live quality, the interface's ease of use(click one button for messages etc). Party chat and private chat. The controller is my favorite one too. Sufficient RAM. That's all.

RRoD/E74/etc, Price of Live, much less games than Ps3 and PC(due to lack of exclusives), ugly machine(until slim one came out) although I could hardly count that I suppose

Persistantthug2395d ago

Even a PS3 fan such as myself can admit that.


Absolutely nothing im sorry but they accomplished fuck all albeit copious prime.

xPhearR3dx2395d ago


lol riiiiiight. I'd say Achievements are probably the biggest thing. Everyone is supporting them in their own way; PS3, Steam, Mobile Games, Facebook Games etc. Achievements alone turned some gamers into a completely different gamer. They'll play games they never originally would have touched due to Achievements.

FriedGoat2394d ago

What Microsoft got right was the original "blades" dashboard for the 360. I enjoyed it when I could easily browse for content and know exactly where to look. They also got right the best way to piss me off by adding intrusive adverts to a service I pay for. They also have just got right getting dedicated servers for gears, because when I was playing the horrible multiplayer shambles
That was gears 2 I really did wonder where my money was going. I then found out my money was going towards services like Zune and netflix and all the other services I don't use. I have a PC for that. Screw you Microsoft.

Magnus2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

You forgot about the price of add ons like the old WiFi adaptor for the older xbox 360's lol But Microsoft has pushed the envelope for XBL which is great to play. And they did introduce a new technology such a Kinnect.

hellzsupernova2395d ago

advertising thats what they got right

Bigpappy2395d ago

The way everything is integrated (Xbox Live, Party Chat, arcade, achievements, ...); The controller and including head sets; Making 360 easy to develope on; Keeping the price advantage; Winning over casuals with Kinect.

Those are the big deffrentiators and selling points for 360.

ZippyZapper2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

You guys are missing a lot of things the 360 did first

first HD console
custom soundtracks in any game (only on 360)
movie/tv marketplace
indie games
dlc marketplace
music marketplace
streaming video apps like Netflix
wireless controller standard
cross game voice chat (only on 360)
text/pic/video messaging
media streaming from PC, phone, MP3 player, flash drive, external HDD, and home network
Halo started theater mode

Ducky2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Halo didn't exactly start theater mode. It merely popularized the idea of demo recording...
Then again, the UI of theater mode does deserve some credit I suppose.

Somebody2394d ago

Microsoft doesn't even want to talk about about DX11. or try to push it for further game enhancements.

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zeal0us2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Make the xbl silver look less appealing just to get others & me to buy xbl gold to get any decent features on our 360s.

peowpeow2395d ago

Glass half-empty.

You could also say they made XBL Gold much more appealing. Main thing silver lacks is online multiplayer

kewlkat0072395d ago

Marketing/Advertisements efforts coupled with XBL Updates & Deals with new content distributors...which have had an effect on SALES.

Much better than the Original.

I'll stay off the negatives..The article asks about Positives.

giovonni2395d ago

I haven't read the article, but I can tell you their controller by far is a huge improvement much more comfi. Also, Microsoft's price point was spot on, Xbox live no need to go into detail about that.

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