Brenda Brathwaite on Maternity Leave, Making The Playboy Game And Hope For The Future

MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John writes:

"I also really wanted to talk to [game designer, author and professor Brenda] Brathwaite because of her experience in the industry. She is the 'longest-serving woman in computer games,' with 26 years under her belt, and she's also the chair and founder of the International Game Developers Association's Sex Special Interest Group. Brathwaite has extensively studied and worked on sexually-themed video games, such as Playboy: The Mansion, and written a book on the subject titled Sex in Video Games. With her experience and expertise in the industry, I figured that she would have a lot of interesting things to say to about her personal experiences as a woman in gaming over the years."

Read on for more of Brathwaite's anecdotes, including how she's hopeful for women getting into the industry, the weirdness of working on a Playboy game, being the first pregnant woman at her company, and what it's like to be mistaken for a booth babe.

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