Paul Davies on the PLAYSTATION 3 2007 to 2008

Three speech ask Paul Davies to take a look back over the past year in the life of the PS3 and how he thinks the future is looking.

"In its own way, to a select group of observers, PlayStation 3 has been the spectacle of the year and not always in a good way. It has almost been an Amy Winehouse experience from the point of view of games industry professionals. How could something so valuable and desired, so dear to its management and loved by its audience, suddenly be collapsing into confusion and having its most dedicated followers turning their backs? Sony had appeared to have lost the plot: launching in March ('late') at an elitist price-point; an attractive but unconvincing range of launch titles; that whole business (still ongoing) regarding backward compatibility."

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Fighter3846d ago

Threespeech needs to change the look of their site.

Jamaicangmr3846d ago

Yeah it's kindda bland and old looking really doesn't motivate me to even click the link. They really need a make over.

actionjackson3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

It's been a long year for gaming as a whole. We have seen may unprecedented evolutions to this industry. As for the PS3, I'm staring to understand Sony's direction and vision on this system. This year was actually great for the PS3, considering a stagerring price point and fierce competition (can't knock the X360's success). I don't want to be one who says wait until '08, but '08 is looking better and better for Sony, and it's offerrings for next year are nothing short of awesome. This generation, there have been so many factors tied into the systems as a whole. The first is the transition to HD resolution TVs. The second, the hd format war. Third, the pricing. All of these aspects have affected the PS3, but Sony is poised to take on all of these factors and seems to be in a position to really take charge. Hypothetically, if the format war sides with Blu-Ray, the affect on PS3 consoles sales is going to be astronomical. The prices have started to drop and Sony has made a name in the TV world with high end LCD and projection TV's. HD will be commonplace in homes come this new year. Sony has become the Apple of the home entertainment world. They have carved an image and are sticking to it. The PS3 was never meant to be an inexpensive system, much like Apple's Ipod. But once the momentum begins, it's going to be tough to stop it. The PS3, although by some people's standard has started slow, is sitting right in the middle of this transition. Sony is going all or nothing at this point, and it seems as though it's going to pay off. The PS3's future is directly related to the advancement of HD technology and the transition is occuring faster than most thought. I suspect that if Blu-Ray pulls of the battle of format wars, the PS3 will be the must buy gadget for '08.

bootsielon3846d ago

It would be a shame since it's bundled with PS3. However, it wouldn't mean the dead of PS3, it would simply mean one bullet point less in favor of PS3 to count with.

titntin3846d ago

Well its a rosy view, but a decidely well derived view from this guy who obviously has a good feel for whats happening and good 'overall view'.
Real gamers will rejoice that the PS3 has not flopped and is now coming into its own. Despite the 'own goals' and the stuggle to bring this product to market, I've always thought Sony were an innovative company and the sheer breadth of titles available on the previous Sony machines was refreshing.

I love shooting things on my 360 as much as the next guy, but I've also loved playing quirky interesting stuff on the PS3 too. It might not appeal to everyone, but thats the beuty of a diverse catalougue, it WILL apeal to someone. I'm still hooked on 'Eye of Judgement', I've been blown away by 'Ratchet & Clank', had a lot of fun with several PSN titles and my Wife will rope me into playing along with Singstar once she's poured soem drink down me! Much I have loved Gears, COD, Bioshock and Mass Effect, the 360 hasn't fullfilled all my needs, and as the line up on PS3 becomes ever broader, its easy to see why that statagey will eventually attract the more casual PS2 gamer, and lead to sucess.
I want them all to succeed, so I'm happy the PS3 has turned it around - and it really has.

AnimeRaven3846d ago

He mixes the bad with the good and brings up a lot of good points.

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