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Who has better pre-order bonuses, Final Fantasy XIII-2 or Soul Calibur V?

Come the end of January gamers are going to have to decide which game to get and where. Amazon is offering $10 in credit for pre-ordering, Walmart has a similar deal. Gamestop is offering a Bobble Head for pre-ordering Soul Calibur V. Best Buy has a few good options as well. Neither game is getting the extensive pre-order options Batman AC and LA Noire received. Goozernation has a full breakdown of the pre-orders. (Amazon.com, Final Fantasy XIII-2, GameStop, PS3, Soul Calibur V, Wal-Mart, Xbox 360)

Optical_Matrix  +   970d ago
I'd say, at least in the UK, Final Fantasy XIII-2 does. I have both games pre-ordered. Got Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition Pre-ordered at GAME and of course, many of you know that it has one of the best contents in a collectors edition in recent years. But GAME is also offering a nice steelbook case, and DLC for Omega as a boss/monster, as well as DLC for Noel and Serah's costumes. So I think that's the better deal

Soul Calibur V I have pre-ordered at Shopto and they're offering two bobble heads, of which I'm not sure of the quality just yet as I haven' seen a photo, and 4 art cards which I already have because they were giving them away free at the Soul Calibur V booth at Eurogamer Expo last year. Picked up about 5 sets haha
Kurisu  +   970d ago
Don't forget the Episode i Novella, that's also part of the GAME pre-order bonus! :D
rebirthofcaos  +   970d ago
D3mons0ul  +   970d ago
I don't like in game content being pre-order bonuses. I really wish they would stop doing it.
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kube00  +   970d ago
Yep I prefer $10 credits or physical items
D3mons0ul  +   970d ago

I wish they'd just go back to giving us t-shirts to go along with COMPLETE games, like last gen.
chadwarden  +   970d ago
I'm going to buy FF13-2 when it's $20 on amazon. Just like I did with FF13.
jc48573  +   970d ago
I will be picking up Tales of Graces F instead of FF13-2.
Marquis_de_Sade  +   970d ago
Wellllll let me see. They both offer great incentives to preorder.

Wait, why does this article even exist? I can understand maybe comparing the preorder bonuses of the same game, or even one of the same genre, but JRPG and beat'em up? Really?
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Blaine  +   970d ago
Only good pre-order bonus is NO pre-order bonus.

I hate that I miss out on something that should be in the game, just because I bought it at this store rather than that one.
TheColbertinator  +   970d ago
FFXIII-2 will have a lot more stuff you don't need.

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