UT III movies: PC vs PS3

From CVG:

"Here, we take a run through the classic Deck level, and show off some of the Warfare mode to see how they fare. The video is small, granted, but you can see the speed difference, and subtle colour changes between the two versions."

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Mark 13785d ago

Games for Windows beats PS3!

THC CELL3785d ago

mark 1 u are a snob pc snob. and a bill boy

ps3 just looks as good as the pc

HarryEtTubMan3785d ago

hahahah loser. PS3 beat your defecto console in EVERYTHING. Including getting Unreal Tournament 3 Exclusively.

TANOD3785d ago

ps3 version looks almost as good as the PC version

JsonHenry3785d ago

Wow, the low resolution videos make it look like the PS3 and the PC version are almost on par with each other. however, I can say that this is NOT the case. My buddy bought this game for the PS3. Then he played the demo on my PC and was sadly upset at just how much better it looks on my PC than the PS3.

But then again, he only paid $500 for his PS3. You get what you pay for.

iNcRiMiNaTi3785d ago

if it a comparison video how is it an exclusive?

CRIMS0N_W0LF3785d ago

report as spam and move along. Everyoen knows he is anti sony .

Panthers3785d ago

yea it would be dumb buying a $2500 computer to play games. The PS3 is def the best.

If you try running unreal on even a $1000 comp it would look like crap.

stevenhiggster3785d ago

PS3 shold take this as a compliment, the fact that it is being compared to a PC. In order to make the game look that good on a pc you'd have to have a top line gaming rig worth probably about £1500, and that sudenly makes even the original PS3 price tage of £500 look cheap. So yes mark1 the pc is better, but then if you spend 3 times as much on it, you'd bloody well expect it to be better. (and it sure as hell isn't much better).

Kleptic3785d ago

the only thing it illustrates to me is how much farther the engine has come along...

compare the PC and PS3 versions of UT3....and then compare the PC and 360 versions of Gears...Gears on a PC looks like an entirely different game in terms of fact I would say Gears on the PC looks even more impressive than UT3 on the same machine...I am not saying that is the 360 being weaker or anything, Rein stated that the 360 version of Gears used a much less optimized version of UE3 than UT3 for the PS3 and PC...but it would appear to me at least that the PC gears port used the same updated engine...

but anyone with a strong PC knows how crazy good these games can look...and the fact that the PS3 is keeping up with a serious rig is fine with me, although its the mods that have my attention on this game...not how well it compares to other versions...

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RudeSole Devil3785d ago

Need to wait for Gametrailers HD video comparison.

achira3785d ago

both versions look the same, nice work epic.

Ju3785d ago

The PS3 gameplay looked a bit slow. Slower then Resistance, IMO. Does anybody have a real impression on that (I mean, someone who has both)? Busy with AC ATM, UT3 has to wait a little...

Ace873785d ago

Wow, CVG comparisons always suck, they always use completely different footage.

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The story is too old to be commented.