NVIDIA unveil 3-way SLI for extreme performance

NVIDIA has extended its SLI technology, allowing up to three GeForce graphics cards to be used in one machine - delivering up to 2.8 times the performance of a single GPU system.

If you've ever wanted to run Crysis at 2560×1600 with 8x AA and all the DirectX 10 effects enabled, this is the way to do it - although it'll cost you a pretty penny. You'll need a NVIDIA nForce 850 SLI MCP motherboard to start, then three GeForce 8800 GTX or 8800 Ultra cards to get the ultimate money-is-no-object gaming rig.

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Capt CHAOS3843d ago

My boss at work may well go for that.. But imagine the power consumption!!

GodsHand3843d ago

Let me guess, you can only have one monitor too. I have SLi on my computer, and the improvement is not really worth the money. Four port for support for four monitors, but SLi enabled only allows for one monitor to be used. Besides that are the PCI-E halfed to do this, on my mother board it is, so from a x16 it's not x8 for Sli to work.

Rooted_Dust3842d ago

They have to know that only the most fervent and wealthy PC enthusiasts will be able to implements this. You almost wonder if it was worth the cost of R&D.

SnakeCL3842d ago

Should be a nice power-draw for there cards, as well as the heat and noise, this might be the best way to get a PC rendering at those newer insanely high resolutions they've been planning for next-gen monitors.

SaiyanFury3842d ago

Sheesh, I was just setting up my first SLi board with 2 eVGA 7950GT KOs to run. I don't care about DX10 gaming as I have no plans to "upgrade" to Vista, so it'll be a looooong time before I even think about attempting something like that.

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