Top Ten Video Games of 2011

That's right, gaming pals, it is that time. The Infinite Ammo brain trust has perfected a flawless scientific method with which to divine the very best games of 2011. Upon completing our experiments, the following games manifested before us. Keep in mind, though, we here at Infinite Ammo do not believe in numbers; the following games are not ranked in any way, and we love them all equally. The order is merely a formality.

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Feldman90002098d ago

This is a good list. This guy thinks outside the box.

Captain Qwark 92098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

i only played 3 games last year that i cared enough to beat and they were batman, dark souls, and sonic generations ( generations also had the worst final boss in my entire history of gaming but was otherwise a solid game )

beyond that, most other titles were meh for me. at least of the ones i played which didnt include portal 2