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Lessons Learned - The crack cocaine of the electronic world

Father Raymond J. De Souza of National Post writes: "I learned the truth about video games the hard way, and so this is the lesson I offer for free: Don't play video games. Don't own them. And for the sake of all that is good and holy, don't buy them for your children."

"Video games are like a black hole into which time disappears. Students today often confess to wasting a couple of hours a day on them. Corporate Canada likely loses whole weeks of productive work to those who are playing games at work. Video games have some kind of addictive allure that means any number of hours is not enough. It is always possible to play again -- to rise to that 'next level' which somehow acquires near-mystical importance. They are the crack cocaine of the electronic world."

"Did I mention that far too many video games celebrate graphic violence, multifarious delinquency and borderline pornography? I don't have to. Tetris had none of that, and it was deadly enough." (Culture)

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GlossGreen  +   2985d ago
Blaming video games?
Alright, if you are going to blame someone or something for your problems, blame yourself. Have some self control.
JsonHenry  +   2985d ago
He also forgot to mention the following time wasters as well - Watching Pro/College Football, basketball, Soccer, Golf, slot machines, Television, and Night Clubs/Bars.

All of which take your time, money, and effort. Does it really matter which one you choose? We ALL need hobbies and activities.

( I did not read the whole article, so maybe I way off base here )
Genuine  +   2985d ago
I think reading that article actually lowered my I.Q. 10 points.
Rooted_Dust  +   2985d ago
Yes, we must all stop doing what we enjoy, in the name of productivity.

This message brought to you by the Communists at the National Post.
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v1c1ous  +   2985d ago
i'll admit it
i've forgone doing a cpl of homeworks/quizzes for gaming.

but anything that brings pleasure can be addictive.

driving can be addictive, cards, even reading.

the issue is being able to recognize when you have a problem and decide to get the help needed.
games4fun  +   2985d ago
now i understand
your a moron, i should not be having fun doing something i enjoy and instead think about the GDP and how best i can be more productive like a robot/communist/lemming/bored pos worker. Seriously you dont see people on the streets whoring themselves out just to get thier next video game.
Capt CHAOS  +   2985d ago
Just a bit like this website..
Bon Scott  +   2985d ago
I've never smoked crack for video games before.
but one time when I was camping,
I was sitting to close to the fire,
and my crack started smoking.
deeznuts  +   2985d ago
That's why when you play online they hate campers.

Oh wait you meant camping! What I gotta say is, I'm not sure what branch of Christianity this Father is, but what video game is it that caused all those Catcholic priests to touch little boys. Because if regular vid games are crack cocaine then that video game must be heroin on crack!
shura  +   2985d ago
ha ha ha
what should we say about religion, father...
Afterburn  +   2985d ago
this guy sux
what does he care how I spend my time? if I stay in on Friday or Saturday night instead of blowing a hundred dollars at the bar that makes me a bad person? Am I shooting up my office?

Fix the problems in your own house Father pedophile.
Piss off.
Syko  +   2984d ago
Rasulis  +   2984d ago
Beware of the Evil Tetris.
Beware of the evil Tetris; It is spawned from the pits of hell to destroy all society and humanity. Flee in terror before it's to late!

This guy is an idiot. If he can't control his obsession with Tetris he really needs help. The reason is probably because his mom wouldn't let him play any video games. Once he finally got one it was like fun overload. I agree there is an importance in nurturing the human mind and imagination through many other means then video games, but video games are one of the better hobbies for your mind. Research even shows that.
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   2984d ago
Well, he says that his parents wouldn't let him play video games when he was a little boy. It's natural that he wasn't prepared for his first "tetris session" so he got hooked. It's like you gave a caveman to try video games. Of course he wouldn't be prepared for what's in store for him, thus he'd get addicted to it.

Maybe his parents should have taught him some self-control instead of raising him in an isolation bubble.

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