Microsoft tops Best Attitude, Quality and Company in MCV Retail Survey 2007

MCV - Andrew Wooden, December 13, 2007:

Microsoft comes out on top in the annual MCV Retail Survey, with the Halo 3 release winning the 'highlight of the year' poll, and Microsoft winning the 'best attitude and quality to retail' and 'best overall company'. The survey also considered Xbox 360 most likely to win the console war.

Wii finished closely behind the release of Halo 3 as the 'highlight of the year', while retailers considered Nintendo the second best overall company. Nintendo also wins the 'biggest disappointment of the year' for lack of Wii stock.

The results of the survey also show general optimism from retailers.

See the article for the survey results reported in percentages.

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ktchong3842d ago

Apparently Microsoft treats retailers better than customers.

lynx1halo3842d ago

Thank you article LOL you just made my MORNING LOL LOL LOL

Bombomb3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

maybe MS gives bonuses to employers..who knows.

wageslave3842d ago

Perhaps you dont realize that you *are* being treated well by MS.

Their OS is far and away the least expensive. You get updates for free for the lifetime.

Contrast this to its competitor (apple): $130 for 10.x point updates, roughly every year on an OS they didnt write (FreeBSD).

You get to use LIVE Services for free, which are the functional equivelant of Apple's .Mac service which costs $$$.

If you are in the IT field, you would know that MS is very VERY responsive and capable, but it is not free -- just like all the other enterprise-class IT firms.

As a user of Windows, you dont get free "hand-holding" from MS. You do get all the software and resources to A) figure it out yourself or B) hire a reasonable 3rd party to take care of you.

You have a child-like notion of what MS does, based in FUD and faux rebelliousness. Grow up.

unlimited3842d ago

lmao!!! wtf quality?? dude this is all a joke..RROD disagrees !!

gololo3842d ago

@wageslave dude, updates for life??? are u fking kidding me??? when they release software, it has to be reliable and perform as expected, it'd be a crime if MS decides to charge customers for security updates and other updates which SHOULD HAVE BEEN implemented since the 1st version....DONT MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

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Mark 13842d ago

I can't wait for the Sony Trolls to come out from under their bridge. MK_Red, Meus, nasim, mighty_douche, gamesblow and Maddens Raiders. I will laugh at your lies.

ktchong3842d ago

I don't think MK_Red is a Sony troll. He prefers PS3, but he's not fanatical like the rest.

mighty_douche3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Please dont involve me in your childish crap. Grow up dude.

But its nice to know you obviously have such a meaninless life that i and others can leave such a lasting impression on you. pretty sad dude.

Bombomb3842d ago

lasting impressions, I can only imagine what "themart" leaves. Everyone is in-love with that kid.

For the Record MK_RED doesn't own a PS3, so what does he play? Nothing against you MK but are your comments anymore credible then someone with the console or both?

Maddens Raiders3842d ago

I take back everything I've ever said. I'm so stupid...of course everyone knows Microsoft and Qulaity go together like peanut butter and jelly. 8|

Whatever helps you sleep better.

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wiizy3842d ago

that has to be from a microsoft did they judge that one

Nameless3842d ago

Probably due to one of the facts that Microsoft has indeed been one of the QUIETEST companies in the Format & Console Wars. Are they perfect ? No company is but they are better then Fony who claims victory every other month in a war that is far from over & does all talk & no show.

andy0013842d ago

Small retailers don't get to speak to Microsoft, or Sony, or anyone else really. They simply buy the games from the distributors, who favour the larger accounts such as the supermarkets and the smaller retailer always gets the raw end of the deal.

In reality the reason why they would like Microsoft is because it is the most popular games console at the moment and have their prices fixed in such a way that discounting is hard to do, which suits retailers as they want the full RRP of the games. Microsoft also do not allow third party peripherals to be sold much cheaper than their own, so items like the hard drives and the wifi adapter are very expensive and therefore represent more margin to the retailer.

Sony hasn't got the momentum yet to turn those games round fast enough and the Wii hasn't been in stock so retailers are having to turn away customers.

Of course, the owners of the shops probably didn't even answer the survey, but gave it to some minimum wage assistant to do so, who has no idea what is going on, and just took a break from picking their nose.

Zhuk3842d ago

Microsoft has a great attitude and is known for their high quality products and services. This is no surprise that they have topped MCV's 2007 retail survey, they are a great partner for any business to work with.

AllroundGamer3842d ago

lol "high quality products" :D thx for the laugh.

john_doe3842d ago

YEAH riiiiiiight suck, imean zhuk, microsoft = sh*t

iMad3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

MS was bad, but they are improving. Sony was good, but it's faling.

Look MS's software products:
-Windows Interprise solutions are the best ones for business(70% of there money come from).
-Windows Ofice, XP and Vista (yes, Vista is good, but market won't be becouse XP is stiil good enougth too)
-MS games are allways is quality

so in past 5 years i have turned my head to MS and loved the way they go. They integrate, innovate and i want pay for their products becouse they help me to be more productive in my work and life in integrated computer enviroment.

ruibing3842d ago

Though I don't want to be a hypocrite by insulting the 360 on its own channel, but your argument for MS improving in quality in terms of their operating system is a different story.

Vista might be nice in terms of installation and everyday usage, but it is horrible for everything else. It is the programming definition of bloated. Even on the free copy of Vista Business I got from my school, I am right now doing most stuff through dual booting in Ubuntu. The first SP that should get rid of these horrible compatibility and stability issues should be out by now, but we have to wait around until next year. Trust me, next time you want to pat MS on the back, leave their OS business out of it and concentrate on their NET Framework instead.

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