Four Minute Burnout Demo Gameplay Movie

CVG have just posted a four minute Burnout gameplay movie taken from the freshly released 360 demo.

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MaximusPrime3784d ago

im not going to watch this video. It will spoil.
I cant believe that they posted it within a day.

iMad3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I will no buy it.

i first two burnouts on xbox. 1 hour - and i was boring with it...but i like racing games, arcade games...there is no sense of real driving...crashes are good to see but they are damage gameplay.

Shadow Flare3784d ago

...plays like lair. Yeah, last time i checked the dragons in Lair were grinding each other into rails, taking each other out into walls and were using boost everytime they flew into oncoming dragons. Burnout and Lair have next to nothing in common

Multigamer3784d ago

you have no idea what you are going on about do you

Demorus3784d ago

are you serious ??????

sonarus3784d ago

why do you guys bother responding to clowns who obviously have no clue what they are talking about. Maybe its far too much GT playing but the visuals are a bit unimpressive to me. Granted its an open world game but its still a racer and visuals still matter, It dosent look as good as PGR4 looks about the same as need for speed. the crashes have been greatly improved the physics involved jst looks so much more realistic than it did in the past. No doubt the gameplay will be on point but visuals are a bit dissapointing

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Fighter3784d ago

I think they took out 'Crash mode' where you can go in slow motion after a wreck and guide your vehicle anywhere you want for a few seconds. I hope I'm wrong because it would be a shame if they did remove it.

Demorus3784d ago

good news for you, the crash mod is in Paradise but they have change the name (i don t remember the new name, sorry)

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The story is too old to be commented.