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Starhawk Public BETA Update 1.2.2

A new patch for Starhawk Beta is available to download.

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Community2340d ago
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Lord_Sloth2340d ago

I want a Party System. I have regulars I enjoy working with but can't seem to find it. Am I overlooking it or is it just not there?

Reborn2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I recall them saying Starhawk has/will have a party system. I don't have the beta, so I can't confirm that for you. But, they did say it.

Or, maybe it's in the full game?

Lord_Sloth2340d ago

Hope so. If it is than I'll get it but if not than I doubt I will. I loved Warhawk so much but...

P_Bomb2340d ago

Majority of the online is locked out, can't be accessed in the beta. They don't even have the skills feature open or any large maps or Zones modes. Jobe tweeted that after they tweek the flying some more they'll be opening up the skills set next. I don't expect any party stuff in the beta though.

Bioshocking2340d ago

Really? Thats disappointing, I was hoping to party up with my friends who bought Uncharted 3.

However the game is really fun.

Im getting bored of Acid Sea though, almost every game I play is on that map.

Getting a game in Space is a rarity for me

Bioshocking2340d ago

Yeah Im wondering that too.... I'm playing with randoms and so far it has been a blast...

But when my friends reedem their codes from Uncharted 3 I want to join their games and work with them.

If anyone knows how to use the party system it would be greatly appreciated

Ares902340d ago

In the homeworld your friends that are playing starhawk will appear on a list at the right side. I think you can hide/show the list by pressing the right button from the d-pad

thedude442340d ago

i dont have ps+ so i cant play it, is it good?

P_Bomb2340d ago

Beta is very barebones with a high learning curve, but addicting nevertheless. When you find a good room and figure out the gameplay (ie spawning vehicles by just pressing square at control panels instead of building more pads, lol), there's fun to be had.

thedude442340d ago

sounds pretty original, i might have to check this out more. thx

SweatyFlorida2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Yah its good, though the size of the map (TDM has 1 map) may be a tad strange to get used to, as it's nothing but a bare wasteland. The building mechanic is definitely cool, and I usually rock the mechs in every game.

Also, this is directed at the people who've got the beta, not sure if it's just me, but Capture the Flag is broken. Idk if it's the devs fault in design or I've just really have gotten bad games, but NO ONE goes after the flag! Everyone stays around the base flag and just builds the entire time while I'm going solo after the flag, to fight against an entire fortress :/ Because of this, all it takes is one team to cap one flag and it's over for the team without a point. Otherwise, usually it'll end up a draw with both teams having 0. For a 10 or so minute match that is inexcusable

Ducky2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Both maps (AcidSea and Space) are playable in TDM.

Capturing the flag is difficult especially when both teams have a well fortified base. It is extremely hard to capture the flag right now, but that might just be due to the currently small playercaps.

fear882340d ago

I feel as though there should be a ranking system to correspond with the building. There are going to be problems with everyone just building everything THEY want (especially noobs) and I feel the higher your rank the more build points you have available. I don't want some noob to just spam build because he can. I want a raking system so they can LEARN the game and EARN the better builds for working in a team (I should know, I am that noob)

smashcrashbash2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

That isn't true. I have been in several games were people use the Razr to capture the flag. They drive up to the base, someone jumps out, grabs it and drives away. Several times I have taken the missile launcher and jetpack and given my team cover by destroying dangerous structures and auto guns.

In fact, once me and two others stormed a base using Hawks while some others used the Razr to grab the flag. Many times I and my team have had to fend off multiple Razrs to prevent anyone from stealing the flag. Only some people don't bother while others are just plain relentless.

The problem is that people wait too long to attack their opponents and let them build up their bases. The key thing to do is to attack them with heavy weaponry and destroy troublesome buildings like the armory and the beam weapon.I believe that they should have demolition weapons or something to take out structures.Even missiles aren't enough to destroy a structure fast enough.

@ fear88 if they did that then their would be a lot of one sided battles. The point of Starhawk us to put everyone on equal grounds to see who has the best strategy.The enemy can spawn Hawks but so can you. Restricting noobs to less stuff would mean what happens in all MP, the strong will prey on the weak. Anyone that ranks higher then you can blast your base to pieces with Hawks or repel you with beam cannons. What will the noobs fight back with? Razr's and auto guns? Not against Hawks, shields and beam cannons.

Bioshocking2340d ago

Its very fun, their is the initial learning curve. The controls are kind of like Battlefield, R2 to sprint, L3 to knife, square to reload and interact with objects.

To build in battle hold triangle and use the right anolog to select what you want to build.

When driving in the Razaorback, hold X and use the left stick to change seats.

It takes getting used to but it is very fun, I think this might be a first day buy for me.

It really is addicting

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LettingGo2340d ago

PLEASE play this beta, guys. It's freaking awesome! :)

Anyone who found Warhawk a bit too "hard" will find this to be a welcoming experience. Once you learn the basics of Starhawk, most people are on equal ground. I love it!

Neo Nugget2340d ago

I'm really glad the beta is being received so well. Even though I haven't been playing it over the past month I've had access, I'm beyond excited for the game to officially come out.

I'm curious if they'll have it as a download on the PSN at launch though. The odds are definitely high considering the recent trend in full games, but whether it's on release is another matter. Though...this *was* the case with Warhawk, right?

rbluetank2340d ago

the games speed makes it easy to capture the flag! i see people just jump into a jeep and speed off with the flag! the gameplay is the fastest i have ever played before but fun! i will be buying it day one. i am going to pratice on the mech. this might be the key for be being successful!

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