Against Creator’s Wishes, Twisted Metal Gets Online-Pass Restriction

GamerXChange: "Gamers that planned on buying the forthcoming Twisted Metal PS3 revival used can anticipate being snapped onto a short leash that ends right outside the PlayStation Network.'

Against series creator David Jaffe’s apparent wishes, the vehicular mayhem series’ current-generation resurrection will be subjected to many a player’s most reviled dirty word: “online pass.” '

Now, before the requisite pissing and moaning that follows the words “online pass” almost everywhere begins, take a couple things into good, long consideration."

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Trainz2253d ago

This article gives me dejavu...

Nitrowolf22253d ago

It's strange as David himself is unaware of this decision!/davi...

GraveLord2253d ago

Restrictions? Sure for Gamestop shoppers.
This doesn't affect legit owners of the game who buy new. The online pass is included free of charge.

-Mika-2253d ago

Great article. I hope all the people who hate the online pass read this. Anyone against online passes are cheap and selfish.

SoundGamer2253d ago

Yeah. I see why the online pass is being used by a lot of companies. Many times, gamers are just a bunch of whiners who don't look beyond their own selfish, infantile desires.

Only affects used (or borrowed) games which isn't the majority anyway.

Nitrowolf22253d ago

I buy my game new, but if people really have an issue with online opasses not being included then I suggest they buy used from gamefly. They ship everything including an online pass for used titles.

Main reason why I hate these passes though is that it blocks some single player content for certain games

SoundGamer2253d ago


Yeah, when it affects single player content that is already on the disc, that's different. So far, Sony hasn't gone that far - that I know of.

I hope it never reaches that point.

Nitrowolf22253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

"I hope it never reaches that point."

It already has though, well not for Sony like you mentioned.

Batman online pass unlocks catwomen. It's a small piece and not really hugely important. But i think this you have to download, not sure

RAGE even has it

theDECAY2253d ago

I would say stripping the game of its online features is going too far. I am not selfish or cheap, I just don't want to buy every game. For example, I don't really want to buy Twisted Metal, but paying 10 bucks on top of a rental to play the online features is pretty bullsh**. Pretty much doesn't seem worth it to pay 15 dollars to play the game for two days.

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Megaton2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

"Anyone against online passes are cheap and selfish."

So David Jaffe is cheap and selfish?

theDECAY2253d ago

He works in the industry and he is against the online passes. That should tell every one something.

GTRrocker2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Buy games new you cheap bastards. If you cannot afford to support developers then wait for a price drop. It isn't like buying a new car. If you cannot afford $60 for a game then you should probably be playing a PS2 or Xbox.

I am also against downloading music illegally. So go ahead and bubble me down, fuckers.

theDECAY2253d ago

What ever happened to renting a game and enjoying it? That never used to be a crime. Jesus.

DeadeyeMouse2253d ago

I sit on the fence here with the current tactics toward insuring the sale of new games. While I laughed and gave a huge thumbs up to Croteam for the way they handled people pirating their game (immortal scorpion for the win!), I'm just not sure if used games and rentals are as big of a crime to the industry.

Sure, the current corporate structure of Gamestop is, but the online pass does seem a bit too heavy handed. Not even on the used game front, but people who actually like to rent games from say a Gamefly. To lock out the ability to even play multiplayer on a rental copy of a game that relies on multiplayer is just a crushingly punishing blow to consumers.

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