Demo: Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise on Live now

Welcome to the Burnout Paradise Demo. Explore Motor City, Big Surf Beach and Ocean View. Discover Jumps, Stunts and Smashes all over the map, and if you're online invite friends to join you for some challenges. Remember, this is just a small part of Paradise City. For the full Burnout experience, buy the full game coming in January 2008.

Size: 835.53 MB


The demo is now on the Playstation store to download.

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sonarus3784d ago

sweet gonna go dwnload now oh wait i cnt cus am not a gold member. my roomate is so i'll jst download it on his 360 but then i have to wait till later for that. i really really wanna play this game

Zhuk3784d ago

I am downloading this right now, it looks like another great title on the Xbox 360

Korosuke3784d ago

Why did you get disagrees with your comment...
I know you're a troller but your comment is decent.
It is sad some sony kids doing that...

Bolts3784d ago

LMAO even people who post under his thread get disagrees, this guy is like some kind of black hole for bubbles regardless of the subject.

eLiNeS3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

They want it, but it has been DELAYED!!! Remember it's not called the DELAYSTATION 3 for nothing!!!

Hit the Agree if you Agree!

Hit the Disagree if you're jealous!!!

LOL lots of jealous PofS 3 gamers!!! Have fun B E Y O N D

you get what you pay for!!!

Korosuke3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Sometimes this agree/disagree function is hilarious and totally useless.
It becomes kinda popularity vote of the users instead of judging the subjects of the comments.

rofldings3784d ago

The only ones who will not be playing it today are:

xbox live silver members.

that is all.

Korosuke3784d ago

In my place, tomorrow comes in three hours... :(

athlon7703783d ago

the PS3 and my sons 360 (since mine has yet to make its return). I guess that is one nice thing about the free service of Sony. They do not seggragate users from silver or gold. Of course you still have the USA - UK - EU differences, oh well. I am still at work till 7:30pm cst and left for work this morning with it downloading on the 360. Once I get home, I will start the download on the PS3 and play the 360 version!

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predator3784d ago

im in work so let me know your opinions on it

TeaDouble_E3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Im wondering what time it will be out on the PSN, does anybody know ? Its 3:25 a.m. here at the Rockies and I got five and a half hours till work.

Edit: WTF ! Why did I get a disagree ?

predator3784d ago

2 things ur up late and it should be out, its out here in the UK on Live and PSN

Zhuk3784d ago

It should be out with the weekly PSN update, which is sometime on Thursday in the US. I don't know what time it will be, but rest assured it will be soon!

TeaDouble_E3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I checked but its still not up : (

Edit: @ Mark1

It seems you don't have any originality, try to use your sloth brain next time and think of a better insult lol.

sonarus3784d ago

probably won't be up for another 10hrs. zhuk tell me ur impressions once you get it.

Zhuk3784d ago

I will be writing impressions on the forums, but honestly at the speeds of the Aussie broadband I am on it'll be a few hours till I finish downloading it

Chaos Striker3784d ago

And your comment is called stupidity at its finest. Congratulations.

Korosuke3784d ago

I think US PS store weekly update is usually at around 12PM PST.

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eLiNeS3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Finished @ - 3:24 Wow, that was quick!!!

Now playing - It's pretty cool. What's funny is the billboards everywhere, especially the CompUSA ones, aren't they going out of business? I know they shutdown a bunch of there stores but I think they went completely under. Wounder what they paid to have that in the game?

OK, done for the night. I smashed enough for one night I think and even Won a race. It's a really cool demo! The area is small that you get to demo compared to the rest of the game but it looks to be a winner on the Xbox 360. Go down it when you get the chance, if you even can. ;-)

Hit the Agree if you are able to down it!

Hit the Disagree if you're jealous!!!

sonarus3784d ago

hit the agree if ur able to dwnload? are you seekin popularity online or sumthin can't you jst give us impressions without childish antics?

eLiNeS3784d ago

that deserves no disagree's whatsoever from either side isn't childish as well??? So go ahead, make my day! I dare you!!!

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