Videogamer Burnout Paradise Interview

Taken from the interview: You mentioned early that you're not afraid of championing the PlayStation 3, and that the platform is your lead format. Why is that?

NC: At Criterion we've always lead our development on the Sony platforms. We feel very at home on them, we a big fan, we think the Sony machines have always been great. We love PS3. We really like 360 as well but we made a conscious decision to lead on PS3 and that's given us a great 360 title as well. We've always led on the Sony platforms and we didn't feel that this generation should be any different, and I think we've reaped the benefits from doing that.

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MaximusPrime3813d ago

i knew it all along, yet xbots doesn't believe me.

Matpan3813d ago

As far as it means a better game for everyone I don´t care which platform each developer chooses as the lead...

:) I am craving for this game.