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Submitted by predator 2984d ago | news

When pics fall short: Drake's Fortune and Ratchet sequel don't get it right

Doug Elfman who is an award-winning columnist writes:

"A few, very ambitious video games are garnering extremely good reviews, but I don't want to play them for one more minute after writing this column. They're not terrible. They're just not for me.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a semi-epic adventure that would remind you of Raiders of the Lost Ark and especially Tomb Raider.

You trek along a many-hour tour of jungles, caves, waterfalls and submarine wrecks. You jog past leafy greenery and scuttle across ledges by fingertip." (PS3, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)

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Multigamer  +   2984d ago
Mark 1   2984d ago | Off topic | show
Lucreto  +   2984d ago
I see no truth. I see a man with an opinion that you agree with and that doesn't make it the truth.
sonarus  +   2984d ago
i am this close to ignoring this guy. i never ignore ppl not the mart not nasim cus everyone has a voice on the internet but if ur comments are always this pointless you will be ignored soon
felman87  +   2984d ago
It makes them fictional?
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crunchie101  +   2984d ago
Excellent retort, felman. Bubbles for you, my friend.
ruibing  +   2984d ago
@Mark 1
Hmm all a columnist need is to criticize a PS3 game before praising a MS/360 game to get 360 fans to be eating out of their hands.

Objectivity really took a downfall when this guy basically reviewed Uncharted and R&C in five hundred words before endorsing a bunch of games I would never even considering renting. If this is an example of his "award-winning" column, I wonder what the award was for.
TANOD  +   2984d ago
"SHADOWRUN Goty??????????????
wow talk about MS moneyhatting analysts.

Shadowrun is one of the worst games of 2007 and it is better than Uncharted??

Ratchet is only 6 hours long???????
mesh1  +   2984d ago
this is the reason i will never buydrake or it wont promt me to buy a ps3 as ive played it for 1hr or so and agree with this prewivew/review of the game the game is just a basic game nothing in this gam emake me say wow the action is boring to the point of lunacy rachet and clank fo rme even tho rachet loos liek a xbox 1 game tbh is better than drake
rofldings  +   2984d ago
TANOD  +   2984d ago
@MESH ..........Uncharted is the best looking game on CONSOLES
no game on x360 even comes close to it graphically

Ratchet is also an amazing game. Those 2 games have spiked ps3 sales by huge amount in NA

In europe and japan u already know that ps3 beats x360 by big margins and even the wii in some parts of europe
IcemanK2  +   2984d ago
Who is this guy?
What makes his opinion valuable?
Violater  +   2984d ago
thread doing wonders for my ignore list, keep it up guys.
DRUDOG  +   2984d ago
First, I can understand that someone didn't enjoy a game for any number of reasons, but when you talk about how Uncharted is more movie than game and that R&C is, basically, boring than I think you are a complete, flaming idiot. Second, he's now lost me, forever, when he's pushing the bargain bin Shadowrun as GOTY material. WTF, over?

Uncharted was ACTION packed. So much so that, IMO, at times it was too much action since I would've liked a little more puzzle solving. And Ratchet not being exciting?!? Holy sh!t, I couldn't put the game down because it was so damned much fun. Yes, I'm kind of biased, but I'm also a gamer and would recommend these games to anyone that has even a passing interest in games.

It's obvious this guy is a MS fanboy if after all the bashing he's trying to sell you on Shadowrun of all games. I don't think I've heard one person, seen one article, read one blog that even mentioned this game after it dropped to bad reviews and MS shut down the developer.

Wow, talk about biased. Thanks Predator for another quality story...
Darrius Cole  +   2984d ago
Looks like those PS3 sales are picking up sooner than the competition expected.

How often do people review two games on one system at the same time in one article? This is the first time I have ever seen it done. I wonder why.

This is viral marketing at its best. Ratchet and Uncharted are the two best exclusive games on the PS3 (via Gamerankings) and he just happens not to like either of them, even though there is nothing wrong with them.

This review was written to discourage people from buying a PS3, pure and simple.
Andronicus  +   2983d ago
i completely agree, the article has viral marketing all over it.
Foo Skeptic  +   2983d ago
Like this columnist said but with other words...
This article is not terrible, it is just not for me!
sonarus  +   2984d ago
lol diises ratchet and clank and uncharted then endorses shadow run...some ppl dnt even try to pretend to be objective anymore.
Winter47th  +   2984d ago
True, though it seems the columnist thinks there's no such thing as different taste in gaming and from his logic NFL>Ace Combat=Halo, which is sad really.

If he didn't like the games he had, two of the most critically acclaimed on the PS3, then why proceed to b!tch about it ? lookin' for some attention ?

Also, Shadowrun ? dude, what's exactly is his FUBARed benchmark for comparing games ?

Maybe he has delusions for adequacy, oh well.
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felman87  +   2984d ago
Shadowrun GOTY
hard to argue with THAT
krackchap  +   2984d ago
lol what a joke
this guy says ratchet is 6 hours long and you can play by pressing 2 buttons omg he's nuts
he also says finding treasure in uncharted is tedious,lol and the dialogues are long,wonder what he'll think about mass defect

he then goes to praise SHADOWRUN roflmao ahahahahahahahahah .
predator  +   2984d ago
as much as i think this article is bull, im loving uncharted and i enjoyed the R$C demo on psn - shadowrun is not bad, have you played it? its suprisingly fun to play. but hes lossing it over uncharted tho big time
WAR_MACHINE77  +   2984d ago
He should give Xenosaga a play. Great game but after playing it most movies seem short compared to its cutscenes.
Blademask  +   2984d ago
I'm curious to see how quickly this will get approved.
ktchong  +   2984d ago
Why not?
The reviewer happens to be Doug Elfman. He's been a TV and rock critic for decades, and has won many awards and even including a Pulitzer for his articles.
sonarus  +   2984d ago
yea but what does he knw about games. ratchet and clank 6hrs long guess he didnt finish it and then uncharted tries to make a video game with good dialogue to entertain the player with not jst gplay guess he wasnt entertained. however shadow run was his game of choice lol shadow run isnt bad but there are far too many games above it. Seriously round peg there are some articles that arent worth defending even if the support your msoft cause.

yea but if lets say it was priced at 40 bucks it wouldnt have gotten more than 8's. I have played it, and it is a decent game and its fresh and all but common... lol i knw you are a die hard xbox fan but how many of you actually even own that game. if the game was that good 60 bucks prob would be nothing to you guys with your high attatch rate and all
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ktchong  +   2984d ago
Sonarus, do you have a Pulitzer? What's your credentials or credibility when it comes to "taste"?
Shadowrun would be a good game *IF* it was bargain priced.

The big problem with Shadowrun is its lack of contents - that has been clarified by many reviews. Shadowrun has few online modes and few maps, and the game was asking for $60 when it first came out. GameSpot or GameTrailers basically called that "highway robbery." That's why reviewers bashed the game. It was asking for too much money for the pathetically meager content it offered.

Now that its price has been cut to budget level, it's actually a pretty good value. He did clarify that it's his "USED/BUDGET Game of the Week".
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crck  +   2984d ago
No this is what he said about Shadowrun
"Shadowrun (Microsoft) will be appearing on my annual list of best games of the year."

And Uncharted with lengthy dialog? He must of only played the first hour when they were trying to set up the story. The middle 5-6 hours of the game has about as much dialog as Gears of War... And you can not play R & C by just mashing two buttons. This is obviously a Sony bash job. Whatever his motives are I'm not going to speculate but something is fishy.
ktchong  +   2984d ago
Actually, "The Game Dork" is Doug Elfman - he's not exactly writing for Journal and Courier.

Elfman is an award-winning columnist and TV/rock critic for Chicago Sun-Times, and he got famous by interviewing with celebrities like Prince, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Luciano Pavarotti and hundreds of other celebrities and politicians. He's a mainstream journalist who just happens to be a gamer. He's just started reviewing games recently.
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Ju  +   2984d ago
Well, maybe he should have stayed at what he can. Or are all his stars retired already ?
Nipplestiltskin  +   2983d ago
It is obvious to me that rock and 'entertainment' have nothing to do with video games. He has almost no experience playing games, nor writing for them, and it shows. Shadowrun stinks, no question about it. This is guys IS implementing 'viral marketing' pure and simple.
gamesblow  +   2984d ago
Shadowrun?? buahahahahhahahahahah.... Yeah, remind me not to ever listen to this DOUCHE HORN when buying my games. R&CFTOD couldn't be beat in 13 hours if you tried... let alone 6. Thsi guy is a complete TULIP GRINDER.
lawman1108  +   2983d ago
The dude hit the nail on the head and you guys can't deal
Uncharted IS 7 hours long and really is not that great.I know, I just finished it 3 days ago and it is already sold on ebay. That game IS a rent and you know it. Only tried R&C demo and just not my cup of tea but I did buy it for my son, I am an "X-bot" and I bet I have bought more PS3 games then most of you guys because if all of you cry babies went out and did BUY games for your system the 360 would not be killing it 40 to 1 in game sales. BTW Shadowrun $uck$ balls but if the dude liked it he liked it.

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SimmoUK  +   2984d ago
wow what a microsoft fanboy...
where's his article on half the 360 games then what an idiot...
monkey602  +   2984d ago
I know this is his opinion and all but my opinion is that his opinion sucks!
KidMakeshift  +   2984d ago
I don't think Uncharted was that chatty. It's one of the few games that had me anticipating the next cut scene.

Also, you can change the sensitivity for aiming. The hidden treasures are optional to unlock bonuses. It's tedious only if you want it to be.

He should change his title from game dork to cynical gamer
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sonarus  +   2984d ago
from game dork to game clown. i like uncharted aiming it makes me take less risks cus i knw every shot counts
KidMakeshift  +   2984d ago
The only real criticism I have with the game is that there's way too many gun battles (enemies are practically around every corner and usually in mass quantity), and not enough exploring and platforming.
#9.2 (Edited 2984d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DRUDOG  +   2984d ago
@ 9.2
Totally agree. Those were the only gripes I would have at all. It was action packed, great in-game cut scenes, awesome story, completely load free and absolutely fun as hell.

I think this dude has no clue about games, how to play games, how they're developed, what is good or what is bad about them. Complete, flaming moron.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2984d ago
A fanboys oppinion..
And he´s entitle to it... But my guess is that there´s alot more people disagreeing with him than aggreing.

Edit: I must give him kudos for how he choose to write... Ex: On xbox 360, also available on ps3...
#10 (Edited 2984d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SL1M DADDY  +   2984d ago
The guy bashes reviews...
Then posts one of his own that is worse than any other I have seen. I guess I will take this with a grain of salt and pass on his opinion...
JokesOnYou  +   2984d ago
I have to admit
well even though I'm not a fan of most ps3 games, I do get to play most of them since my roomate owns one and rents most ps3 games to check them out before he buys them and imo his comments seem a little over the top, I mean from what little I played of both games I thought Uncharted was good, and R&C isn't my thang but I can see its a good game also, imo they weren't "OMG amazing" like sonykids claim but like I said they were easily good games. I read his entire review and I dont know why but he just sounded like he had something against these two games, I mean I could understand if he was talking about Genji or Lair but these 2 games deserve some credit for being pretty good games on the ps3.

Nicosia  +   2984d ago
Drake fortune is a great game, people WHO PLAYED it know it is. Looking from the outside and making a opionion doesn't count.

Drake Fortune = 9.3!
lawman1108  +   2983d ago
Please..........just because a game LOOKS good DOES not make it great
That game is a solid 7 and no way worth $60 bucks. PERIOD.

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Bolts  +   2984d ago
WTF is this guy talking about, the cut scenes in Uncharted can hardly be characterized as chatty. Dumbass.
achira  +   2984d ago
are all americans such ignorant dumb asses ? i hope not.
Fototherapist  +   2984d ago
What in the world are you talking about? Are you saying this reviewer (who is an American) is a dumbass? I hope you're not insinuating that all Americans are dumbasses. I'll grant you that there are a lot of dumbass Americans, but there are also a lot of dumbass Europeans and Asians. One douche reviewer doesn't necessarily spoil then entire population.
#15.1 (Edited 2984d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DRUDOG  +   2984d ago
Barking up the wrong tree achira. This world is full of dumbasses and, the last time I checked, the US is only a small part of it.

What dumbass would disagree that there are dumbasses all over the world? Hell, I'm a dumbass sometimes even ;)
#15.2 (Edited 2984d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lawman1108  +   2983d ago
What Third world toilet do you live in?
Better shut your Rice- hole before we invade and kick your A$$.

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dinkeldinkse  +   2983d ago
There is dumbasses all over the world, not just America so STFU
Lumbo  +   2984d ago
It all became clear after "Shadowrun (Microsoft) will be appearing on my annual list of best games of the year."

Someone who considers Shadowrun as one of the best games of 2007 is clearly unfit to be taken serious regarding game ratings. Imho he should go back writing about Britney Spears and Prince .. its more in his level of experience.
#16 (Edited 2984d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
vloeistof  +   2984d ago
rushbd  +   2984d ago
I just

I dont need a critic's point of view. I have mine. And that is good enough for ME.

let all those disagrees from xbots flow. Who clearly doesn't have enough intelligence to understand what they are disagreeing with.
macalatus  +   2984d ago
A matter of personal opinion:

"They're not terrrible. They just aren't for me."

But knowing full well how "cinematic" a whole lot of games today are now, especially the upcoming MGS4, the only game that he would probably give a perfect score is Tetris.
Zatoichi  +   2984d ago
So Sad ...
that the quality of journalism has dropped so low that someone who writes bias like this can supposedly win a Pulitzer.

You play as a treasure hunter who thinks he's a descendent of the childless explorer (and slave trader, I'd like to add) Sir Francis Drake.'

Pretty cheap shot for an American don't you think?
Islandkiwi  +   2984d ago
so harsh
You guys all act like he just slapped you with a stinky fish. I happen to agree with a few of his points. I haven't played far enough into Uncharted to form an opinion, but R&C did get boring...I did quit after about six hours, which is a shame because I loved the earlier games. He wasn't saying the game itself takes six hours to play.

As for Shadowrun, he's recommending it as a used game...and I have to say that Shadowrun was a very fun game to play. What killed Shadowrun in game sales was the high price point, but it was fun.
PimpHandHappy  +   2984d ago
Ladys and gentelmen
we have a 360fanboy with his own blog

Shadowrun (Microsoft) will be appearing on my annual list of best games of the year. The solo mission against the computer is just fine. But the online multiplaying experience is superior


what drivel and classic N4G
PimpHandHappy  +   2984d ago

Uncharted has alot of action. I would give you HS in that it has to much talk but not Uncharted...

anyone that agree's with this toolbag havnet played the game and dont own a PS3
The_Engineer  +   2984d ago
looks like the second wave
of Microblows FUD campaign against the Ps3 is getting underway.
FirstknighT  +   2984d ago
I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few on here that have played both Uncharted and Shadowrun.
He speaks the truth. I played and beat Uncharted. Great game but nothing special about it. The actual gameplay was nothing different from all the others before it. Plus the ending was truly dissapointing. R&C is just for kids and not my thing. Atleast Shadowrun took the FPS genre and shook it up a bit with magic spells. Funny thing is that Shadowrun got crappy scores because the lack of gametypes and single player but Warhawk has less.

Bottom line is that Uncharted is a great game that averaged in the high 8's. Nothing more, nothing less.
#25 (Edited 2984d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
PimpHandHappy  +   2984d ago
lol #21
thats funny

The high price piont of a game

thats a good one
Islandkiwi  +   2984d ago
I stand by my comment. Shadowrun was a fun game, but being multiplayer only and at full price was too much to stomach. I mean, I liked the game but didn't purchase it. When it drops in price enough, I'll pick it up.
PimpHandHappy  +   2984d ago
bottom line is
The ending was perfect and the last half of this game was all action

Hey how did it end if u have indeed played it!!!!
PimpHandHappy  +   2984d ago
oh yea btw Firstnight
magic in a FPS is not new but then again you trolling PS3 threads is nothing new

kinda like every 360 game out

nothing new
rmedtx888  +   2984d ago
Game Dork?...
DRUDOG  +   2984d ago
More like: Game Idiot
Coke-a-Cola  +   2984d ago
Good Taste........... either You have it or You don't .
I feel sorry for this Guy .
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