L.A. NOIRE and the Story That Wasn't There

Hank Quinlan: “Come on, read my future for me.”

In some ways, a game based on Film Noir would be the anti-GTA. Ah, the GTA series! The pursuit of the American Dream! To fight that good fight requires a great deal of optimist, no? The optimist believes the future is within his grasp.

Tanya: “You haven’t got any.”

Noir Films, however, are filled with pessimists who already know that the game they are playing is futile. That what they are playing is actually a poker game of death.

“What do you mean?”

The world is merciless. It’s unforgiving. We are already doomed no matter what we do. In the search of the American Dream, the fall from glory is a surprise; in Film Noir, the surprise would be not to fall from glory.

L.A. Noire isn’t the anti-GTA. It certainly isn’t the gaming equivalent to L.A. Confidential… or Double Indemnity …or even Who Framed Roger Rabbit. L.A. Noire may be many things – but it certainly isn’t Noir.

“Your future is all used up.”

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Kurisu2492d ago

L.A Noire was hyped to be something amazing, but in reality, I thought the whole game was pretty boring. Sure it had pretty graphics, and the tech used for the facial expressions etc set a new standard for games, but beyond all that I think it's a pretty dull game.

Vortex3D2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

What I don't like about LA Noire once the suspects run, most of the time, the only solution is chase and kill the suspect. The random street cases almost all ended in killing the suspect? Why is that?

As for the main cases, I found if you asked all the questions incorrectly, at the end, the person will tell you what you need to know anyway. Why is that?

If you failed every suspect interrogation, doesn't really matter. On certain cases, the suspect will run after being released and you just need to chase the suspect down.

Two of the cases where the captain is very bias and wants you to arrest a specific suspect. If you don't do what the captain wants, you cannot get 5 stars rating and you must win the next case. It's also the only way to fail. The amazing part is the next day, the captain is praise Cole anyway.

I still enjoy LA Noire being a detective game but the game tries really hard to ensure the player can't really fail during investigation as long the player doesn't die during shooting scenes or catch the runaway on foot or car.

CaptCalvin2492d ago

The game is too casual for a mystery game for me. The whole case solving experience boils down to walk around the room and check everything that gives you a rumble/ audio cue.

IMHO the game should've been in first person, eliminate the cues and make the evidence finding a lot more involved. That way the mystery solving will be more close and personal and rewarding.