Xbox 360 "Arcade Community" Edges Closer - Kris Graft, Wednesday, 12 December 2007:

With the release of Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 2.0, Microsoft edges closer to a publishing pipeline for the amateur development community.

"It's our next big step in democratizing game development," XNA general manager Chris Satchell told Next-Gen regarding the release of Game Studio 2.0, which launches Thursday at

Satchell's ultimate vision is to create what he has in the past called a "YouTube for Games" on consoles, where users can create a game and share it with the development and gaming community at large, and at will.

Microsoft isn't quite there yet, but Satchell reveals that the vision is becoming reality, perhaps sooner than expected.

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Bombomb3840d ago

can't wait till this gets in full swing..

fury3840d ago

...looks like Franck Ribery.

predator3840d ago

haha i was thinking the same thing, even tho i dont like the player

mighty_douche3840d ago

the picture is cracking me up! There is no spoon.....

THE_JUDGE3840d ago

Does anyone really think that they will be able to make money off of this if they do it? Prolly not, leave the games to the pro's.

superman3840d ago

I was about to say that. He looks a lot like Ribery without the scar. lol.