User created and episodic content next for Xbox Live Arcade - Matt Martin, 13/12/2007:

Having established Xbox Live Arcade as the leader in downloadable content for consoles, Microsoft is looking to be the first to successfully deliver episodic and user created content as the next evolution of the service.

With retro, brand new IP and advergames already part of the offering, David Edery, worldwide games portfolio planner for XBLA, has told about a number of options that the company is actively pursuing to keep ahead of competition from Sony's PlayStation Network and Nintendo's Wii Ware.

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G_CodeMonkey3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Come on, M$, it seems from the article that you are trying to charge for everything...wrong move. Some user-gen'd content should be allowed to be free (maps, etc. ala Unreal Tourney3) if the user-developer desires, otherwise charge your points. Take a look at history, and you'll realize that you'll ultimately sell more copies of the game (PC mods, Gears of War anyone?) with great downloadable content--priced the way the user-dev wants it. If you fear competition, well, gamers are smart enough to smell that fear--and vote with our $$$. Don't fear freedom! Also, why does it have to be XNA OR user-gen content like Little Big Planet? Can't you do both? gCM

caffman3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

nuff said

titntin3812d ago

I can see the trolls now - and they'd probably have a point!
After making live the 'closed system' that it is, they are starting to see that a more open approach can lead to real advanatages with user created content for UT3 being an obvious case in point.
Furthermore, anyone with any insight in the gaming buisness can see the undeniable brilliance of a title like 'Little Big Planet' and the effect that user created content of this kind will make.

So its really important for MS to open up the system to allow it to be used in this way. Its a reallshame they've cottened on so late, and it will take so long to establish, but it IS important that they do this. I personally feel that MS is not hugely creative, and has spent a lot of its history buying or copying ideas, but it has often done this very well. I don't care if they are going to blatently copy sony's approach on this and other inovations such as 'home', as long as they do it well, then all gamers will bennifit and the bar for innovation gets raised another notch.

Korosuke3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I believe user created contents is one of the big goal for future console gaming.
But I checked epic forum and noticed there are many hurdles for user created contents in consoles.
Even if MS/Sony make so called open systems for their network, it is always necessary to watch it. And I don't think it is open systems in a true meaning.
What do you think if you watch the opponent user who uses the skins such as Mickey Mouse and what would happen next?