More images revealed for the exclusive case in the PS Vita First Edition Bundle

Amazon has revealed several new images of the PS Vita First Edition Bundle, including several shots of the exclusive protective case being included in the package.

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Dir_en_grey2014d ago

Case looks amazing. Glad I ordered the first edition.

morganfell2014d ago

Same here. Picking mine up from Best Buy in just over 3 weeks.

MmaFan-Qc2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

waiting to get my PsV on feb15.

will also buy a 32gb memcard later with a couples of games.

KeybladeMaster2014d ago

I got the First Edition Bundle too!

On another point: Is Little Deviants in the First Edition bundle on a game card or download code? I would prefer it to be on a game card so that way I can have the game on the card and put the rest of my games on the 32GB Memory stick I just finished paying off. And I can just keep the Little Deviants card in the system so that way I never have to put anything in the Vita or take anything out.

moparful992014d ago

First edition for me! :P

Sony has a good reputation for not being cheap when it comes to bundling games.. The only budled game I ever remember not being in physical format was chains of olympus when I bought my ghost of sparta psp so I would assume that little deviants is on a cart...

SIX2014d ago

Yeah It really does look amazing! No doubt this will sway more people to the first edition bundle. I'm so hyped for the Vita. More than any other console launch. Launch lineup is the best I've seen in a long time.

JoeReno2014d ago

The 1st edition bundle is ranked higher than the stand alone 3G version, but not higher than the Wifi on Amazon.

On topic, after seeing this case it is the cherry on top reason im glad I pre-ordered this bundle. 3G might not be all that, but I can see it coming in handy going on a trip to my brothers house on the east coast where he doesn't have wifi (nice that it isn't a contract situation with AT&T in the US) and things of this nature. But really getting Vita a week early was this bundle's main selling point for me.

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Ethereal2014d ago

Nice, preordered this edition =)

firelogic2014d ago

FYI, if you live in Canada, Best Buy is including a copy of Uncharted Golden Abyss with preorders of the First Edition Bundle. Pretty damn good deal if you ask me.

PSV, 4GB card, Little Deviants, Uncharted:GA, sturdy case, a week early, for $300 CAD.

MVPuNV2014d ago

Is this deal still going on? I thought I missed out on this which was running from Jan.6 - Jan 12 as per the preorder coupon. When I saw your post, I checked website to no avail (no free Uncharted).

Can someone enlighten me on this? Did they extend the preorder deal?

SIX2014d ago

Offer is dead. I missed out as well :(

danny8182013d ago

FML... i live in the states -,-

Sobari2014d ago

Sony packaging is so damn sexy.

Fatal Blow2014d ago

The case looks very good but its a shame i cant get one since its for us only and am from uk damn it

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