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PlayStation 3D Display In-Depth Review - BitMob

"It's been hyped since it was announced at E3 earlier this year... the PlayStation 3D Display. Is it worth the hype? And more importantly, is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Let's take a look." (PS3, Sony, Tech) -

EVILDEAD360  +   1322d ago
I don't really know anyone who owns one, but I absolutely love mine.

Makes a great desktop gaming monitor and a fun 3D gaming device.

Play Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 in 3D on this thing you will be blown away.

I would have never bought Motostorm: apocolypse at full retail price,but getting it free and playing it in 3D is a blast.

the only thing that sucked for me was getting it a $499 and having the price drop a hundred dollars a few days later.

FriedGoat  +   1322d ago
The 3D in both of those games is actually terrible.
Console 3D does not do 3dtvs justice due to the huge resolution drop and texture quality.
Try 1080P 30hz 3D on a real 3dtv/PC combo and then you will be blown away.
But i'm sure its great for BluRay.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1322d ago
'The 3D in both of those games is actually terrible'

Not even CLOSE to true..the end
FriedGoat  +   1321d ago
If you were a 3D fanatic like myself you would realise that they are indeed terrible. If you think gears of war 3 in 3d looks good, your opinion on 3D is already void. I suppose its the best Your playstation tv can do so you have to settle for it.
You enjoy your subpar subHD 3D and i'll enjoy mine in 1080p.
The end.
IM_KINECTED  +   1322d ago
I'm not crazy about 3-D, but I would get one of these if the price went down to $199. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

At $199 it'd be a competitively priced computer monitor with 3-D. I don't think $500 is a good price point for a 3-D monitor that doesn't have a tuner to watch television.
brettyd  +   1322d ago
Its not $500 but i do agree, i was thinking when it hits $199 im gonna pick one up. The price has dropped twice since it was released so i can see it being $199 soon. I just cant spend $300 on a 24'' monitor.
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brettyd  +   1322d ago
$299 used to not get you a 3D monitor...
EVILDEAD360  +   1321d ago
I'm not going to lie..I can't remember watching cable TV on a coax cable in years.

The new Cable boxes have HDMI outputs just like new computers. The best part is you can watch all of the 3D cable dedicated channels.

Like I said, I can only speak for myself. I wasn't a believer in 3D gaming until I did an impulse buy for the Sony 3DTV. I threw in Uncharted 3 as son as I et it up and fell in love with not only the TV but 3D gaming as a whole.

But, like many have pointed out if for a few hundred more you can get a big screen 3DTV, then maybe that's a better option for them.

gokuss122002  +   1322d ago
your name says it all lbs. Stop trolling and stop spreading misinformation; it's not $500. You can actually get it for $299...
I don't own one because I'm broke; and am (tbh) underwhelmed by 3d (at least what I've personally seen). With that being said, can't wait til my taxes come :D

OmegaSaiyanX  +   1322d ago
I recently bought a Samsung UE40D6530 the specs are far too much to list on here so heres the link to Samsung:

badkolo  +   1322d ago
i bought this puppy for 299, comes with free glasses and motorstorm game, the 3d works well, for the price it was a steal. Some people mention theres will reset for 2 seconds where the screen goes black then returns after a second, it happened to me 3 times ina month so i dont mind at all.

other then that the tv works very well and is easy to use but most of all makes a great pc monitor and replaced my old one, you can also use this for your 3d pc gaming, simply change the inf file then install 3dtvplay and change your resolution and now you can play your pc games in 3d, watch youtube in 3d and just about anyting else and it works great.

best 299 i spent in a while. 3d movies look incredible as well on the ps3
Vortex3D  +   1322d ago
The reviewer said he couldn't find the TV tuner input. Was he given the screen or he blindly bought it without checking what the screen spec?
badkolo  +   1322d ago
lol, there is no tv tuner but you can use it as a tv with your cable box etc...

for 299 it serves as a great 3d tv for ps3 and a great 3d and regualr monitor for the pc. is there better options out there, maybe but im beyond happy at like i said 299 gets you glasses and a free game, well worth it in my opinion.

my girl was watching smurfs 3d on it and fell in love with 3d.

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