Fresno man loses videogame argument following sword attack

When it comes to videogame arguments between roommates, it would appear that simply throwing down the controller and stomping off to your bedroom for a good long sulk is no longer the fashionable thing to do – especially when there's a samurai sword lying about the place.

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INehalemEXI3816d ago

I would only use one on an armed intruder though. Even then I would just scare em off probably. Unless it was 1 of my few known enemy's then it would be on like bushido blade 2 before it went all kengo.

Genuine3816d ago

You Sony fans are taking this love for anime a little to seriously.

bootsielon3816d ago

...are too quick to dismiss anime, and that's why Xbox 360 is a failure in japan and will never win the console war

Genuine3816d ago

Anime is for weird emo perverts, so your right, I don't "get" anime. Nor do I want to.

socomnick3816d ago

we "xbots" would have used a gun and then teabaged the body while calling the dead guy a noob. :P

KidMakeshift3816d ago

Let the truth be known, gamers are armed to the teeth in ancient weaponry and magic.

Confession, I have a huge collection of chinese, indian, thai, and japanese swords from my travels.

Genuine3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

I dont know about the magic part, but I've got a replica spiked ball and chain mace, or "mourning star"

KidMakeshift3815d ago

Well I imagine you would, Brock

ZeroXMD3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

That is messed up. I have 2 swords, one of them like the one used in the crime (an odachi probably). I wouldn't use it on someone because of a video game argument tho. Only if they threaten me with a weapon, break into my house (burglars who get caught in my house are going to lose a finger, like back in the old days), or threaten my friends or family with harm (with a weapon or alot of ppl)

one more thing, i give it a few months before someone has a flash video made about this up on the net.

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