Sony PSP To Get Better Graphics & Burn More Battery

Ripten's Josh Pankratz reports on the Sony PSP being overclocked by developers. Using God of War:Chains of Olympus, the differences can be seen quite clearly. Will this new change make the PSP unstable, or too hot?

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INehalemEXI3847d ago

No wonder sony released an upgraded battery.

mikeslemonade3846d ago

Sony just wasn't allowing anything higher than 222mhz until now. 333mhz isn't overclocking it. And it doesn't get close as hot the 360 or PS3 even when it does get warm.

GIJeff3846d ago

its factory underclocked. 333 is where it was origonally meant to be. :) just look up the specs.

season0073847d ago

this overclock option was available like soooo long ago...and i have not seen any friends of mine got their PSP burnt yet...

and o well if they let you do it officially, i would safely assume it is alright to do it....

and hey, isn't the power make PSP appealing?

rbanke3847d ago

its not overclocking, it was previously underclocked. at 333MHz it is running at its spec'ed speed.

Nostradavis3847d ago

ok if it was underclocked, and you raise it..then it is being overclocked from whatever it was clocked at before. It has been overclocked from its original retail speed.....

Polluted3847d ago

@Nostradavis: Ahh, but if it's all in relation to retail speeds, then those "overclocked" BFG video cards aren't really overclocked at all are they? Being as they come overclocked at the retailer.
Not trying to give you a hard time, but I think a processors overclock speed is in relation to the manufacturers maximum recommended clock speed rather than the actual retail clock speed.

rbanke3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

overclocking implies setting the clock rate higher than its specification. the psp cpu spec is 333. Overclocking would be going beyond 333MHz. The psp can do 333MHz in 'retail' form, it was the developers who were limited in using more than 222MHz in their software.

Nostradavis3847d ago

If we were on one of those game shows where i say a word and you try and guess the word that i have on a piece of paper in front of me...and i said "raise the speed of the processor" 99% of you would say "OVERCLOCK".

I understand what the term means, but in this instance, the manufacturer said it is X...and Sony said well, in "our world" its going to be Y. In the end Sony decided, OK we will let it be X.

shrimpboat3846d ago

True. The processor is a 333Mhz processor and was under clocked. I have have had my PSP running at 333Mhz for over a year now with no issues.

mistertwoturbo3846d ago


You obviously don't understand the word Overclock. Overclock refers to running a processor beyond it's Specified speed. The PSP has been, and always has been spec'd at 333mhz. Developers were handicapped to 222mhz. But now Sony is releasing the true spec to be 333mhz allowing the developers to utilize the system much more.

It's also probably some sort of marketing technique. Perhaps they capped it at 222mhz for the longest time to have a first or second generation look. And now uncapping the true potential of the PSP revealing the 3rd or 4th generation look of the PSP. Sounds stupid, but who knows what Sony's thinking sometimes.

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Polluted3847d ago

Sony wouldn't allow it if there was any chance of PSP's overheating. I think they forced devs to keep it at 222MHz to extend battery life. Now that the slim has extended battery life, this is a great way to extend the systems viability for a few more years. This New God of War is sounding better all the time.

Daishi3845d ago

Yes, here's hoping for Starcraft PSP! If your not already playing it on a modded system that is q;

wetowel3847d ago

Ive been running GTA vice city stories at 333mhz, yes it does drain the battery quicker but as for heat it gets kinda warm on the left side of the unit but nothing to be worried about.

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