IGN Gets Hands-On Time with Tom Clancy's EndWar

IGN's take on the current state of Tom Clancy's EndWar is as follows:

"There's a dream in many strategy game developers' minds, and that's to adapt the real-time strategy genre for the console and keep it just as playable and intuitive as on PC. Every other genre you can think of has already made this evolution, oftentimes coming out radically different in the end. While we've seen functional and sometimes impressive control schemes that adapt the PC game fairly successfully to the console, few have scrapped everything we hold dear about the RTS and start from square one. Tom Clancy's EndWar does. If Ubisoft Shanghai can finish the development off with a bang, console gamers will be treated to a new breed of strategy".

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Dr Pepper3813d ago

"The exact same commands can all be issued simply by talking -- and it works. Aside from the times when we mumbled, the game had no trouble recognizing what we said."

Now that's what I've been wanting to read! I'm really looking forward to the voice command aspects of the game, as well as the use of Ghost units and Splinter Cell units. It's good to hear it works.

I'm really looking forward to this game. The battles seem like they're going to be epic.