Heavy Rain Rewind Review (Empty Lifebar)

We all have a loved one. Maybe it’s a special boyfriend or girlfriend, an adorable child, or a caring parent. We go through each day embracing their warmth and love and smiling happily to have them in our lives. But, what if one day that all came clashing to a halt and suddenly they weren’t there anymore? What if someone had taken them away from us and even worse, now threatened to bring them harm? How far would you go to save someone you loved?

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Lord_Sloth2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Only person I have in my life is my brother and heaven help any1 who wished him harm, because I can assure you that I am the bigger monster.

On topic, I actually really loved Heavy Rain. It was an awesome game and I felt bad when I lost 1 of my characters, too. I would have loved the killer's identity had some jackass not wrote an article not tagged with spoilers.

thedude442311d ago

yeah heavy rain was seriously one of the top 10 i played this gen. sooo good.

IM_KINECTED2311d ago

Heavy Rain was pretty good, maybe they will come out with a sequel some day?

gigreen2311d ago

They said they won't. Their next game is gonna be another new IP.

thedude442311d ago

i think it was rumored to be called horizon or something.

gigreen2311d ago

They actually have two projects, one of them is supposed to be an anti-war game:


Horizon was just a rumor that has been debunked by Cage:


Lord_Sloth2311d ago

It would end up being a spiritual successor if anything. The story won't continue but the gameplay style will.