Street Fighter IV: New Pics and Info Analysis

From Quicksave:

Earlier today another collection of screenshots (courteousy of eNe3) were made available to the public. These screenshots are the exact same ones which were in the EGM article. After initial shock and bewilderment caused by the unorthodox depictions of Ryu and Ken, they noticed an unmentioned gameplay feature and conflicting reports concerning another.

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sonarus3785d ago

judging from the screens i would say capcom should consider a psn or marketplace release only. I definetly wouldnt pay more than 40 bucks for this game. prob more like 30 actually

mighty_douche3785d ago

theres still a year of development to go on this, and as of yet no one knows what type of features, gameplay modes, number of charators etc etc it'll will come with.

Personally im quite disappointed by the new screens (well all the screens) but im a big SF fan so im not gonna write this game off quite yet.

Zhuk3785d ago

I am a big SF fan and I am disappointed that they would abandon 2d and go for a 3d look for Street Fighter.

Firstly 2d fighters feel and play better and they are more suited to the style of fighting that people enjoy with Street Fighter, especially the turbo modes. Sprites are superior for fighting animations even if a comparable polygonal fighter was also running at 60fps. 2d Sprites do not need 'complete' animations for movements like 3d characters do and this allows for much quicker and reactive gameplay. I refuse to believe that a game based on 3d polygonal characters could ever have '2d gameplay', I don't buy that for a second. In fact most 3d fighters have basically had '2d gameplay', but they still play distinctly different from pure bred 2d fighters.

Another reason to go 2d is longevity. 2d games still look good even 10 years after they were made, just look at the Street Fighter's of the 90s released on the CPS2 boards and 32 bit consoles. Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter on Saturn still takes my breath away with its beauty and buttery smoothness, while 3d offerings made at the time look horribly dated today even though they were incredibly impressive.

I remember when VF2 was released, my jaw literally hit the floor at what I was seeing graphically it was a masterpiece, but when I play it today it is apparent how dated it now looks.

I just don't see SFIV being a pedigree Street Fighter or a true sequel to the brilliance of its 2d predecessors. I really hope I am wrong, but I just wish that Capcom wouldn't mess with the success they have had with 2d. The last time they did that, we got Street Fighter EX, and the only thing the few people who remember that game is for how bad it was.


I know these screens are in 3D but didn't the creators and devs say that they were gonna keep it 2D? I think they said they will keep it 2D because they like the way the game folds out like a chess match when two skilled people go at it. they also said that they will incorporate visible player damage (e.g if you get kicked in the shoulder then you might start drooping that arm a bit or get bruised) And as a plus they also said they're gonna try to squeeze in as many SF original players as they can! i swear i read that...Anyways i dont think anyone can make claims about what this game is gonna be judging by such early shots.. I have faith that this game will be least it better be cuz man i could go for a good ol shoryuken to yo face!

predator3785d ago

i have faith in capcom, its there franchise, its there baby so they know whats good for it and whats not. this will be the king of fighters

coolfool3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

As the game is reportedly only 2 or 3 % complete (this "demo" the pictures are from is really just for the media) it is really too early to say how this game is really going to play or how it is going to look. All we can really do is just take the developers word for it that this will still feel like the Street Fighter everyone knows and loves.

I for one like the art style in 3d. It still keeps the manga/anime look which in itself takes the game in a different direction to other 3d fighters. Combine that with the claim that it *will* play like its 2d predecessors and you might find yourself playing a modern day fighter but with the authentic street fighter edge.

Besides what more can they really do with 2d anyway (HD versions are already in the making)? What pastures new can they take the games visuals and play that haven't already been done before with a Street Fighter incarnation? I think this is the best natural progression for the series and can't wait to see what the final product will be like.

HeartlesskizZ3785d ago

Well this was going to be my first SF game that I own but my hype for it since the first trailer was shown has been turn down pretty bad by those pics claiming to be ingame...gosh!! KI and BR need to strike now...

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