The Old Republic sales concerns are 'overdone'

Gamasutra: Analyst group Macquarie Securities has released a new report which states that, while there are clearly concerns in the industry that EA and BioWare's recently released Star Wars: The Old Republic isn't selling as well as first hoped, these outcries are "overdone."

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Abriael2249d ago

of course they're "overdone", funny that the analyst that stemmed this nmotivated it with "initial casual observation" of the game.

IE: he's a goon with a crystal ball. The game's doing fine.

Kran2249d ago

That was a photoshopped image btw... lol

ATi_Elite2249d ago

All shall bow down and bear witness to the god like powers of..........

GUILD WARS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SW:Tor is not attracting and holding Gamers attention and that's why EA's stock has fallen. Investors and falling Stock prices DO NOT LIE!

so say what you want but SW:Tor ain't looking so good right now! Great voice acting but the WoW with Lightsabers is sinking like a Italian Cruise Ship.

Rift has been holding steady with 500K subscriptions and you don't hear any of this doom and gloom talk with it cause Rift is doing good and it only cost $50 million to make unlike the reported $150 to $250 for SW:Tor. So the concerns are not overdone. SW:Tor has fail to produced the numbers investors were told therefore share holders are running away from Sw:tor cause Gamers over all see Sw:tor as a Padawan and not a Jedi.

anyway I'll be playing Guild Wars 2 along with 10 million other gamers sometime in 2012. No hype for GW2 just 110% pure quality!!

papashango2249d ago

Lol I had a portal friends buy this one at launch. Not a single one are still playing.

Kran2249d ago

I had 3 friends who bought this at launch plus myself.

Only myself and another friend still play it. Im enjoying it though

Abriael2249d ago

I had a lot of friends buy this one at launch. They've all resubscribed. See what I did here.

Ramas2249d ago

most people will not play it after first free month will expire, game is simply quite bad, average at best.
Waiting for guild wars 2 witch will be free to play and much better then this.

Abriael2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

lol if you think Guild Wars 2 will be that great, you simply didn't play it at any of the events in which it was playable. It's hype it's plummeting every day a release date isn't announced. It'll be already way obsolete when it'll be launched (it already is now, mind you).

On the other hand what you say about SWTOR is absolutely false. And mind you, the first month has already expired for many. Guess what? The game's still chock full of people right now. Looks like your "most people" figure was a tad made up.

Ramas2249d ago

not all started to play it from day 1 (thats why its full of people) try it after 3-4 months and i am sure half people wount be there anymore. I have many friends who bought it and do not like it. I am very glad that i have tried beta (2 weeks before release)otherwise i would have bought it too. Sorry but for 500 millions $ they did a horrible job.

ATi_Elite2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

If you prefer SW:tor then just say so but don't act like SW:tor is better than GW2 cause trust me GW2 is gonna crush SW:tor.

1. There is NO need for hype over GW2 cause WE all know GW2 is gonna be FANTASTIC!

2. Unlike Sw:tor which has FAILED to live up to it's hype created by EA with their CGI trailers, mind you that CGI trailers usually equal a terrible game.

3. Arena Net always had a "it's done when it's done" approach for GW2 sorta like Blizzard and these 2 companies ALWAYS deliver quality.

4. " It'll be already way obsolete when it'll be launched (it already is now, mind you)." have NO clue to what GW2 is do you? Just admit that you don't. That comment just goes to show you that you know nothing and have made yourself look foolish.

Sw:tor is nothing but a WoW clone with nice voice overs meanwhile GW2 is an action rpg/mmo that does everything so seamlessly that you can go from Co-op to SP to MP without standing around waiting to "Raid" like Sw:tor.

GW2 allows you to fight on land and has an underwater world that's huge, changes game play dynamics, and more diverse than Sw:tor.

anyway have fun running back n fourth in SW talking to people and doing gopher missions while i be playing GW2 and really exploring a huge open world in a game that has REAL ACTION meaning that i can move my mouse and really dodge attacks or play the OLD MMO way if i want.

I don't think Sw:tor will beat Rift and you have the nerve to bring up Guild Wars 2! blah haha hahahha.

NYC_Gamer2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

EA shouldn't have spent millions to create/license this mmo in the first place