Gamespot Reviews The Orange Box for the PS3: 9/10

The Orange Box is one of the greatest values in gaming history, because it's jam-packed with a variety of world-class content.

The Good
* The Half-Life 2 saga represents some of the greatest shooter gameplay
ever made
* Portal is a brilliant and humorous puzzle game
* Outstanding visual and audio design
* An unprecedented value.

The Bad
* The frame rate struggles at times and the loading times are a bit

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gamesblow3817d ago

Unheard of... uncharted 8... this 9?? Please... what a joke.

Seraphim3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

So True!! But Uncharted at 8 should be criminal. At least most gaming journalism sources gave Uncharted a fair score. Even the Critic Average at is 9.0 which is easily the minimum score that game should have received.

On one hand it's certainly great to see that actually gave it a good score, but at the same time, in general this game is overrated. The PC version I could see might deserve a 9.5 because not a whole lot has changed on PC, and there isn't much there coincides w/ Orange Box. But a 9.5 for the 360 version and a 9.0 for the PS3 version is BULL!! It might be a great value having all these games packaged into one box, but the fact of the matter is that the game isn't all that anymore; especially compared to console games. It certainly was this good 2 years ago when it was released, but now it's not only outdated, but feels out of place on a console. It feels to much like a PC game running on a console so the gameplay gets a major knock in that regard. Valve/EA should have tweaked the gameplay to feel more at home on a console. Furthermore this game pails in comparison of recent releases this year. Orange Box has nothing on CoD 4, Bioshock, Uncharted, and many other games across the board. Needless to say this is just another prime of another highly overrated game this year.

I think this year might go down in history for all the wrong reasons. The negative effect gaming journalism has had on the industry as a whole. Not only that but the extremely high number of overrated and over scored games in the History of gaming. There's been so many overrated games this year I wouldn't even know where to start. It's sickening.

Glad I don't rely on reviews for purchasing decisions. Furthermore as time continues to pass us I see more and more the irrelevance of gaming journalism and just how broken, and likely bias it is...

gamesblow3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Hey, Knight... did you know that no one here likes you? It's all over the place...

killax35633817d ago

Pre-Gerstmanngate this would have gotten no higher than an 8.5, probably an 8.

If uncharted were released now GS would probably give it an 8.5 maybe a 9.

Kleptic3817d ago

this was pretty predictable...that site is on the verge of collapse...they will be trying to get on everyone's good side for the next several months...and probably will never make a "controversial" review ever again...

I thought IGN's 8.4 was pretty much spot on...the fact that the devs couldn't effectively port a 3 year old engine effectively is ridiculous...especially considering how well UE3 is running on the hardware now, as well as games like Uncharted and HS...

nice try still suck though...

Bubble Buddy3816d ago

Gamesblow, no shiet its a 9, because it is on the 360 o_0. What if it was only ps3 = 8. And 1UP is pissing me off, i swear I've seen at least 5 games for ps3 all 80's. do they care about rating? or do they just copy paste? and FirstknighT...

and Gamespot... you're done.

The Snake3816d ago

Uncharted got a 4/5 star (i.e. an 8) review score from Playstation Official Magazine. Was that a biased review? No. It was an honest opinion, which is exactly what I would imagine Gamespot's reviews are. BTW Orange Box is one of the best games on any system this year. The only people who say it's not a great game are the ones who haven't played it.

InMyOpinion3816d ago

It's nice that I get 7 disagrees for posting facts. I guess you agree with You stupid little toys...

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toughNAME3817d ago

looks like it back to the drawing board sony boys

Relcom3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Gamespot clearly sucking up to us PS3 guys. A game with this many problems (cause the asshats at EA made it, and yes they did valve let EA make this version of the game) Deserves a bad score end of story. No fuking way this 10 Frame per second game deserves a better score than Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted. EA and Gamespot FTL!!!

Boycott of EA games continues

P.S. Has anyone else noticed EA has ruin the one of the greatest shooters of all time. Hard to do but they did. .l.. you EA

toughNAME3817d ago

now your complaining Gamespot scores PS3 games too high?

Relcom3817d ago

I've never said sh*t before now. So piss off. I'm saying there just trying to get there site vistors back. By the way you just pegged me as a Sony Fanboy and that i'm not.

toughNAME3817d ago

it just seems like there's always conspiracy theories floating around the Gamespot comment section

Relcom3817d ago

Deserves a better score than Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted. Hell even Heavenly Sword. So yeah there is merit to conspiricy theory here.

toughNAME3817d ago

It's a reviewers opinion? Where's the conspiracy?

And if your suggesting Microsoft paid them off for some reason...

give me one piece of proof...until then you are one crazed f*ck

Relcom3817d ago

No one paided them off quit jumping to conclusions of what i think. "They are clearly trying to win back fans" That is what i'm saying. No one and i mean no one likes a horribly choppy game see the comparison GT did the framerate is awful(which is key for a shotter by the way). No way this reviewer gave this a 9/10 without a little nudge from the editors there saying "hey man we need web hits bad, how bout a good score this time" wink wink

WIIIS13817d ago

Bud, you pegged yourself as a Sony Fanboy when you said "sucking up to us PS3 guys". Why deny your proud heritage now?

Kleptic3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

BS3...unlike your pathetic world of purchase justification...there are some of us "PS3 guys"...that are nothing like fanboys (i.e. you)...

he didn't admit to being a retard fanboy (i.e. you), he simply stated that he was an owner of a PS3...ownership does not immediately create a dumbfeck half-wit (i.e. you)...

and Relcom...completely agree...past GS reviews would have nailed this poorly ported Orange Box to a is completely obvious that they are not going to step on a single toe for a very long time...listen to last weeks podcast...they are trembling...

Fedorov3817d ago

You're sucking up to 2pac. SO THERE!!!

GlossGreen3817d ago

you have actually played the game, or are you just buying into the stories put out about it? Never rush to judgement unless you've played it yourself.

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jabberjak3817d ago

talk about turning the tables......from the video comparison i would say this is bs cause clearly ps3 had frame rate issues, cause it was auto saving, and the load times were pretty bad, but 9/10 is way too high not that im saying its not a bad game just comparing uncharted review with this review and it seems they are just trying to make the ps3 crowd happy..... by the way i also have a ps3 the name is "dhanu" for now so add me wen ever u like.

SIXAXISofEVIL3817d ago

From the review "The frame rate hiccups are inexplicable because they can occur when almost nothing is happening onscreen or when you're in the midst of a big battle. It's not a huge gameplay issue, but it is very noticeable and a significant irritation."

I wish there was a video showing this instead of the quicksave lag. So far haven't seen any problems with the ps3 version, at least nothing that was "very noticeable." Suprised that a 9 is coming from gamespot.

jackdoe3817d ago

They are being too generous to EA IMO.

DemiseofPandas3817d ago

I agree with you Jack, I mean they gave Madden 08 the same scores on the 360 and PS3 even with the obvious difference, whereas most multi games GS gives the PS3 the short end of the stick... it is at least interesting that both of these strange scores have to do with EA...