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Resident Evil 4 voted the best Resident Evil game ever

Resident Evil 4 is the best Resident Evil game of all time according to ONM readers. (GameCube, Resident Evil 4, Wii)

camel_toad  +   819d ago
I agree.
Ramas  +   819d ago
Please tell me who is voting like that? kids , or just retarded people?
Resident evil 1-2-3 is best not crap like 4 or 5.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   819d ago
yeah i would take resident evil 2 over 4 anyday.
In 2 we had the outbreak of the G-virus and william birkin
mutating into the best monster in resident evil in my opinion,the collapse of racoon city and an introduction to
claire and ada. In 4 we were introduced to midget pirates,giant statues and indiana jones rolling boulders.
Oh an cave trolls.....
jony_dols  +   819d ago
All Resident Evil games from 1-4 (excluding Dead Aim of course) were great games in their own right.

Resident Evil 3 was personaly my favourite. Nemesis struck cold fear into me, whenever I used to see his malformed mutanted face! And the clever SOB was the first enemy in the series to follow you through 'loading' doors..
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D3mons0ul  +   819d ago
What's "retarded" about it? Why would it have to be kids if not people you deem inferior or mentally flawed in some way?

Yeah, no, you're being an asshole.

4 was and still is a damn good game. That's just something you're going to have to get used to.
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BlackTar187  +   819d ago
RE1 by far. And maybe less about the game and more about really having the fear for the first time while playing a game. I guess it didn't help i didn't have money for a memory card so i had to play straight till i died. I beat the game in 1 sitting with my brother and I.

Probably my single greatest game experience due to the fear of no ammo and oh man i can't go back in that hallway i have no ammo to kill the green guys RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
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rexbolt  +   819d ago
you mean with the bad controls thayt they move like your controling a year 5000 mech and that you need a licene to drive them? cus humens dont rotate like that
General Shrooms  +   819d ago
never had a problem with the controls.
Rampaged Death  +   819d ago
Resident Evil 2 is the best.
Wintersun616  +   819d ago
2 was my favourite, completed it countless of times. 3 coming as a close second place, then 4, 1 & 5. I haven't payed much attention to any other games of the series.
Rampaged Death  +   819d ago
I totally agree with the order.
BlackTar187  +   819d ago
If i was to rate 1,2,3

it would be 1,3,2 3 becasue game was awesome and introduced Merc mode.

2 was great don't get me wrong but i found it the weakest of the 3 which sounds worse then it is

1a 1b 1c
D3mons0ul  +   819d ago
This won't make the purists happy.

Not saying RE5 is good but 4 was a damn good game. I'm kind of getting sick of seeing purists shit all over it just because it doesn't try to be like the object of their nostalgia.

And people bitching about 6 before it's even made it out of the gate, over one trailer no less. Sure, ignore the return of zombies and the interesting new arachnid premise so you can cling to your nostalgia and spew your senseless hate over the fact that the game has action. I'm serious, people are pissed off because the game has action outside of the cutscenes.

What if they balance action AND horror, like it seems they are trying to accomplish? Are you still gonna act like a total faggot?
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   819d ago
I would say im a "purist" and i loved resident evil 4
but it ruined the whole story and realism and just swapped
it for silly things that were just so out of character in the series,i think it should of been called a different game to be honest but im not blind to see it was a hell of a fun game.
As for resident evil 6 im looking forward to it i think it looks great just hope they dont go all out action and find a balance with horror for the old fans and action for the newer fans.Plus im loving the more realistic settings from the trailer.
Trainz  +   819d ago
4 doesn't deserve to be called a resident evil game.
It doesn't even have residents in it.
2 & 3 draw for the winner in my opinion.
rexbolt  +   819d ago
again it tkes like 2 min to turn around 360 degrees in the old ones. the only reason why they seems scary was couse u never knew if the zombies would get u b4 you turn the other direction to run.
ChronoJoe  +   819d ago
Well Nintendo didn't get 5. So it's no surprise. I don't think anyone expected anything but the latest iteration to be considered the most popular because it's the one that the majority of people played. Even if most people who had played all of them picked a mix of Resident Evil 2-3 and Veronica, then 4 would still win because of the overwhelming number of people on the current Nintendo platform who's only exposure to the Resident Evil franchise has been Resident Evil 4 on the Wii.
spacedelete  +   819d ago
resi 4 was a fantastic game. kind of drags on but still better than alot of current gen games. resi 2 is definitely the best and deserves to be remade with the Resi 5 engine.
SuperSaiyan4  +   819d ago
Res Evil 4
Was AWESOME!! I love how they gave it a grainy film look effect and even though the visuals are dated it seems to still be able to pull off the visuals really well I love the technique they have used.

The controls are tricky but something you have to get used to, I bought the game on the Xbox 360, previously I had it on the Wii as well. On the 360 I have all the achievements, beaten it on the hardest setting then cleared it again using all the bonus weapons you can buy and love the outfits! Leon has the cool gangster outfit but Ashley has the really noisy medieval armour >.<
Ron_Danger  +   819d ago
Same here but for PS3... I remember ditching class to play it on ps2 years ago
cchum  +   819d ago

my listing
Ron_Danger  +   819d ago
4 was a good action game that had Resident Evil tagged on. Try explaining the plot to someone who had only played 1-3 and Code Veronica and their head might explode. The originals were about figuring out the outbreak and surviving through it. 4 was about saving the President's daughter. 5 was... Well... 5 was about a pro wrestler and Jennifer Lopez running around Africa fighting "zombies"... And the zombies used guns... That plot makes any Michael Bay movie look like Citizen Kane...

Get rid of the garbage over the shoulder camera and let the players play as regular person again and they might actually be survival horror again. Until then you're basically playing Lost Planet but on earth and you can move while you shoot
DaPrintz  +   819d ago
I'm pretty sure that Resident Evil as a franchise isn't geared towards just us that were teenagers when the original came out. Resident Evil 1,2, and 3 were great games FOR THE TIME! Resident Evil 4 was THE pivotal game in the franchise. It introduced a whole new generation to RE and became the inspiration for all current horror games. There was nothing like it at the time. I fondly remember playing the first 3, but let's be honest, those games don't hold up to anyone's standards of today. RE4 on the other hand, STILL is one of the best games all time.
Ron_Danger  +   819d ago
Not sure why you replied to my comment...

But what I was saying is that RE4 is to the Resident Evil franchise as NFL Blitz is to actual NFL Football. They both have elements of what they originate from, but can not be considered the same.
smashcrashbash  +   819d ago
RE4 breathed life back into what was becoming a tired franchise.I liked RE4 and i really don't see way people attack you every time you say that. Just because i don't worship the originals does that mean something is wrong with me?
Ron_Danger  +   819d ago
The problem people have with 4 is that it when from a survival horror game to an action game.

Leon goes from rookie cop to special agent. And who cares about the nemesis or the T-virus when theres a religious cult holding the presidents daughter
smashcrashbash  +   819d ago
I disagree. It still had survival elements in it, like when you were in the town and you were surrounded or when the chainsaw, chaingun or the regenerators attacked or trying to avoid the tripwires or trying to stop the giant lake monster or the whole thing about protecting Ashely or avoiding the napalm from dropping down on you in the castle or dropping the El Gigante down the fire pit. I could be wrong but I believe those were survival horror elements that went along with the action. People act like it was just mindless action like Gears of War or something
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   819d ago
so true,this is where i was at with resident evil
and then resident evil 4 came out and i was like huh?
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hotrodz360  +   819d ago
I would definately say RE4 is the best. Actually is like my favorite game of all time. I think the fist 3 are too outdated like. The graphics are pretty low standard but the controls and camera angles are what i dont care for much. RE 5 on the other hand didnt have a foggy or dark atmosphere in the game and gameplay just isnt up to par. RE4 is also rated as close the best game of all time.
chiwoo  +   819d ago
RE4 is the Best but RE2 will always be the Better one.

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